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The Emirates A380 flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong has become pretty famous.

The route is known as the cheapest first class tickets that Emirates sells, so lots of content creators have taken this flight as a way to experience the high life.

But what many people don’t know is that you may need to *ask* cabin crew for certain amenities.

Read on to find out what to ask for.

Emirates First Class Chauffeur Service

The Emirates Chauffeur Service is available to First Class (and some Business Class) passengers in many (but not all) cities that Emirates serves. For shorter, less expensive routes like Bangkok to Hong Kong, there is NO chauffeur for first class passengers. Elsewhere there is a limit in the number of passengers (usually two) and distance the car will travel before attracting a per kilometre charge. In Dublin, for example, the car is permitted to travel 150km for a first class passenger, and it’s lower for business class.

Airport: First Class Check-in

Check-in at Bangkok for Emirates First Class

Dubai: If you’re travelling from Dubai, you can check in before reaching the airport. First class passengers can use the DUBZ service, known as Home Check-in, where an agent will come to your home, weigh and tag your bags and take them away. Alternatively, you can use the city check-in at ICD Brookfield Place up to 24 hours before your flight. This is a great way to get rid of your luggage before heading to the airport.

Bangkok: there is a dedicated Emirates first class check-in lane at Bangkok International Airport. This is the case at most airports that Emirates serves. You will also be permitted to use Fast Track Security in Bangkok, but note that it is not in any way fast.

Bangkok Airport: Emirates First Class Lounge

The interior of Emirates business class lounge with its signature sand colour finishings

Unlike the refined joys of Emirates First Class Lounge at Dubai Airport, at Bangkok (and elsewhere), Emirates Business Class and First Class facilities are combined. There may be a small number of people who care about such a lack, but in my view, as long as there’s quality fresh food and drinks, and it doesn’t get too crowded, I don’t mind at all. However, the champagne served and number of freshly prepared dishes is at Business Class standard, rather than First Class. You will be directed by the check-in agents to Concourse G at Bangkok International Airport where you’ll find the signature brown doors of the Emirates Lounge. Read my full review of the Bangkok Emirates Lounge (with pictures). Don’t have access? Check out some paid-for or priority pass VIP lounges at Bangkok International Airport.

Emirates First Class Cabin: A380 Private Suite

A private suite on Emirates with gold details around every feature

The reason most people want to enjoy a flight in Emirates First Class is the unique private suite, particularly on the A380. I’ve reviewed the seat and its functions on my Emirates First Class Video, but what amenities are tucked away in the suite, and which must you ask for?

Emirates First Class Cabin: Amenities in your Private Suite

Some of the snacks served in Emirates first class including chocolate covered almonds.

Certain treats and facilities are tucked away in your suite. Immediately obvious is a small plastic tray containing Byredo products, principally items to keep you refreshed (face refreshing spray) and sleep well (pillow spray). A journal and pen is contained in a gray drawer under your main table. I thought these were not of good quality. There is a mini-bar containing water (still and sparkling) and some snacks in glass bottles. A set of noise-cancelling headphones is made available for your comfort.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Byredo Products
  • Journal and Pen
  • Personal Mini-bar (non-alcoholic beverages) plus snacks
  • Noise-cancelling Headphones (not for removal)

Emirates First Class Cabin: Amenities you might need to request

The leather amenity kit offered in Emirates First Class

If you’re on a short Emirates first-class flight, you may need to ask for amenities which are otherwise freely provided as part of your service. Here are some of the items I had to ask for:

  • Amenity kit by Bulgari – nice bag and the Bulgari aftershave was good quality. The other personal hygiene items are adequate but by no means luxurious, e.g., a deodorant provided was barely one quarter full and of questionable quality.
  • Additional Snacks
  • Moisturising Pyjamas and Slippers (designed to throw away, disappointingly)
  • Appointment for the In-flight Shower and an accompanying tote bag

Emirates First Class Cabin: Food & Drink

A snack of freshly cut fruit including pineapple and dragonfruit served in Emirates first class cabin.

Perhaps the thing which Emirates does best is to make you feel full and pampered with an excellent roster of food and drink service items. Here is the schedule of service:

  • A welcome drink of water or champagne (Moet at this stage)
  • Arabic coffee and dates (three flavours offered: plain, almond, orange)
  • Pre-dinner drink (any alcoholic or non-alcoholic mixed drink, for example)
  • Caviar Service – this is a signature of Emirates first class: caviar with all the trimmings
  • Champagne – Dom Perignon 2013 is offered with caviar, or Belvedere Vodka.
  • Lunch or Dinner Service – a three course lunch was served on my flight. I thought it was adequate but not sensational.
  • Wine Service – many high-quality wines are offered with lunch
  • Digestifs – a range of options are topped by some remarkable brandy options

Emirates First Class Cabin: In-flight Shower

The inflight shower on Emirates first class

The inclusion of an in-flight shower is something of a game-changer at this exclusive end of the aviation market. Emirates shower service doesn’t disappoint. Appointments are provided, each last 20 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of hot water, smartly indicated by a dial that counts you down (so you don’t forget to rinse your hair!). The shower has surprising force, given that water has to be carried on board for each passenger who wants to use it. Additional amenities are laid out, such as facial toner, shampoo and body wash, made by Irish company Voya.

First Class Cabin: Lounge Bar

An image from Emirates Website showing a barman in the business class cabin
Image courtesy of Emirates

While a number of airlines offers an in-flight bar (notably Qantas, Qatar and Virgin), the Emirates version is particularly glamorous. The horseshoe-shaped bar is used as the staging post for numerous classic and modern cocktails, quality wines and champagne and the leather benches to each side are where you might enjoy meeting other passengers. I think the idea sounds more like a marketing campaign than reality. However, perhaps I’m in the minority to prefer the privacy of receiving excellent service at my own seat. However, if you’re sociable, head to the back of the upstairs cabin where first and business class passengers can hang out after takeoff.

Summary: Don’t be shy

A slide out drawer showing a free Emirates journal and pen in the first class suite

Even if you’re taking quite a short flight, like I did, in Emirates First Class, don’t be shy about asking for the amenities and facilities that you would like to experience. The majority of passengers will not want to shower or stretch out on the lie-flat seat on a short flight, so they won’t get the amenities that accompany that, e.g., slippers, pyjamas or a tote bag. However, cabin crew are friendly and may be able to get you these things if they have a supply. In my view, the Bulgari amenity kit is a must-ask and I was surprised it’s not offered by default, even on short flights. So if you’re hoping to enjoy Emirates First Class to the fullest, then speak up (in the politest way) and I suspect most things are possible!

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