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Patrick shown in Paris using a Peak Design Clutch with a Sony Camera
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Peak Design Clutch: for every camera problem, there is a vlogging gear solution waiting to be bought!

Swinging Camera Strap in Shot

I spent Summer 2022 trekking in my campervan to Nordkapp, the most northerly place you can drive to on the European mainland. I switched this year to using a Sony A7 IV, a camera which I rate very highly, but I do not love its very dangly strap. In both extreme heat (really) and the occasional high winds at Nordkapp, I spent more time trying to hold down the strap than taking useful B-roll. I have more than one image with a swinging camera strap in shot!

Picture shows Patrick holding a Sony A7 IV with its long strap - would a Peak Design Clutch be better?
Pictured: Sony A7 IV with its giant strap, at Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle

The Clutch Problem

After that trip, I was back in Northern Ireland and went to my local camera shop to try to find a camera cube. In my mind, I had worked out that a strap isn’t always the right solution, particularly for using the camera outside. However, I didn’t know that a camera clutch exists and is called a camera clutch. I described the problem to the shop manager and he led me directly to the Peak Design Clutch.

Peak Design Clutch

This link or the button below will bring you to Peak Design’s website and all of its sales information on the Clutch. However, let me try to sum up why this works for me. I am not a fan of a camera strap. Wearing a camera over your chest does mark you out as a tourist (not always a bad thing), but it’s unwieldy if you need to capture something quickly. Simply carrying the camera in your hand does get tiring, especially when using a bigger lens.

A close up image of the Peak Design Clutch showing a Sony camera attached to Patrick's hand using the Clutch.

The mesh and hardware of the Peak Design Clutch feel comfortable and well-made

The Peak Design Clutch secures the camera to your hand, so that – when you’re walking along – you don’t feel the weight of the camera so much. A quick adjustment and you have access to all the controls. It feels well made to me: the mesh is comfortable and high-grade while the metal hardware is burnished to a smooth finish. Some people use both a hip-strap (which I think Peak Design also makes) AND a Clutch, but for me that would be overkill.

Patrick holds up his camera using the Peak Design Clutch to show how it would be useful for street photography.

For street photography and quick reactive videos, I think a Peak Design Clutch will be my go-to accessory. Please note: you probably CAN get a cheaper product (you should totally check that out), but the two Peak Design products I’ve bought so far are very resilient, so I’d be tempted to save a bit longer, rather than end up buying twice.

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