Video: Ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland (Stena)

After making it to Scotland and then England, also using Stena Line from Belfast to Cairnryan, I spent a night or two near Sheffield in my motorhome (Barbara Bailey).

Stena Line: Harwich to Hook of Holland

That was not the last ferry I needed to take in my trip towards the Arctic Circle in Norway. Up next is a much different ferry in the Stena Line line-up! This is the Stena Britannica, a much bigger ship than the Superfast ferries used to travel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The biggest difference here is that I had a double cabin for single use, as well as a much wider array of amenities designed to make this a much more comfortable crossing.

In this video, I do a cabin review, a full ship walk-through and think about what it’s like to travel by motorhome across Europe.

For my Ultimate Guide to travelling with Stena Superfast, read my article on Belfast to Cairnryan in Premium Class

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