Video: A Day in the Van Life

After making it to Scotland and then England, also using Stena Line from Belfast to Cairnryan, I spent a night or two near Sheffield in my motorhome (Barbara Bailey).

It took me two ferry trips and a couple of days of rest in England to make it to the Netherlands. The journey on the Stena Britannica from Harwich to the Hook of Holland was an overnight ferry that got in super early at 8am and the run in my motorhome to Groningen took the best part of three hours.

Groningen, Netherlands

Groningen is a compact city known for its wonderful architecture, not least monuments like the Martini Tower. Within a few steps, you’ll find lots of great shopping and a whole area that is pedestrianised. It’s also known (like much of the Netherlands) for the sheer number of bicycles! One thing I noticed on my trip was the amount of students, which makes the city busy and vibrant.

A Day in the Life

I’m always fascinated with the details of everyday life. How different people spend their time and videos about van life have been one of the themes I’ve come to follow online. I decided to make my own, very ordinary day into a list of tasks and share it in video format. Click on the link below to catch up with that video.

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