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No shock that Vegani is, given the name, a vegan cafe in downtown Seville serving some pretty extraordinary food out of a small kitchen. Think tapas (light bites) as well as thoughtfully measured main courses that will challenge any palette.
Exterior of Vegani Sevilla


C. Feria, 117 Casco Antiguo, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

Laid back vibes, innovative menu

Small seating area, slow when busy

Open 1-4pm, 8.30-11.30pm on Tue-Sat (closed Sun-Mon)


Atmosphere & Service

Vegani looks like a hole-in-the-wall joint because that’s exactly what it is. There’s a few high-stools where you can interact with the friendly chef and server (owners?), who are conversant in both Spanish and English. You can ask about anything, including unusual ingredients, your preferences, and get a warm response. Everything is managed from behind the main counter, so it’s not a traditional service model. This is a perfect lunch place: two or three small plates will fill you up.

Menu & Options

The Vegani menu offers a series of small plates, which together make a main meal. There were also main course options, but for lunch on a hot Seville day, I thought this kind of tapas 1-2-3 would give me a good breadth of flavours without the weight of a main meal.

The menu at Vegani Sevilla

Vegani offers decent value for money. If you’re working with a budget, you can manage a lunch for €10-12 for some interesting dishes.

Food & Drink

Some items were missing from the menu that I’d have liked: a cauliflower katsu as well as croquetas. I went instead for:

  • Pakoras (they allowed me to try the vegan-friendly katsu mayonnaise)
  • Pizza with squash and “sheese” (vegan cheese)
  • Sun-dried tomato hummus
Vegan Pakora with katsu
Pakora with katsu ‘mayo’
Pizza with squash
Pizza with squash
Sun-dried tomato hummus
Sun-dried tomato hummus
A basket of bread
Bread (for the hummus)
Hibiscus Lemonade
Hibiscus Lemonade (€2.80)

Everything here was more than enough for one person for a main meal. The hummus was flavourful but this would have been better shared with friends as too much is too much. I’m a fan of pizza offerings without tomato (like pizza blanco). Squash doesn’t have much flavour, but the addition of “sheese” here acted as a seasoning that lifted this small crunchy dish. The star was the pakora, freshly fried and with a delicate crunch. The katsu mayonnaise was made vegan friendly and was simply the best vegan mayonnaise I’ve ever had. I would have been happy to buy a pot of katsu mayo from Vegani if they offered it.

Top Tip: whatever Vegani’s menu offers that INCLUDES katsu mayo, buy it.

Overall Experience

Vegani Sevilla
Photo: Patrick Hughes – not much room to sit at Vegani Sevilla

The dining experience here is always going to be relatively casual as you’re eating while perched on a stool while others might be waiting behind you for your spot. I’m pretty resilient when eating, so that doesn’t bother me too much! The only way Vegani can change this is by opening a new space or rearranging the layout (which would be difficult) to incorporate more chairs. This place is right in the centre of Seville, so it’ll always be popular with people getting take out.

There’s a pretty big digital nomad community in Seville. If you’re not already eating at Vegani, you need to visit soon. I think you’ll find a bit of a gem in a city known best for traditional Spanish fare, heavy with meats and fish. I rate this place highly.

Patrick was a happy eater at Vegani Sevilla

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