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Vapur Water Bottle: The Ideal Solution?

I came across the Vapur Water Bottle by accident. If I’m anything like you, I bet I’ve owned about 10 different kinds of water bottle in the past couple of years. I want the ideal water bottle to be ecologically conscious, save cash on buying small water bottles in airports, and take up very little room in my hand luggage.


So what is Vapur? I’m a researcher. Like a lot. So I was reading about ways to minimise packing space for travel and I came across this company, Vapur and found their products on Amazon (click here).


This bottle feels more like a fancy zip-lock bag than a bottle and it lies completely flat when empty, like a plastic envelope really and the top comes off to reveal a wide mouth, making the bottle super easy and fast to fill up from a filter water tap or a water bottle.

Practicality is Key

It folds down to almost nothing and can be easily stowed in your bag for flight days.  When folded/rolled, the handy carabiner clip clips around the body of the bottle to hold it in place. This is a practical product.

The carabiner clip is handy for clipping the water bottle onto your rucksack or even your tray table on an airplane.

Here you can see the wide neck, ready for filling!

It’s wide enough to take the whole bottle lip, meaning no spills.

The Material

When it’s full (capacity: one litre), the water bottle will stand up on its own.  As the lid is pretty sturdy, if you lay it flat when full, it won’t leak or cause a mess.

I was slightly worried that the material would tear but – so far – it’s been in and out of rucksack pockets, on four flights and through airport security (full of water – thanks, Brazil) and it’s not been even slightly damaged.

The Cost

This is a definite 10 out of 10!  And it costs less than you might think on Amazon.

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