QantasLink Flight Review: QF1940 – Uluru to Alice Springs

Today’s blog is a QantasLink Flight Review and starts near Uluru in the Outback. Connellan Airport is known as Ayers Rock Airport or Uluru Airport by some. For a place with so many names, it’s a really small airport. I made my booking as part of a Walkabout Fare with Qantas, now known as the Qantas Explorer Fare.


  • Qantas QF1940
  • Boeing 717
  • Uluru (Connellan) (AYQ) to Alice Springs (ASP)
  • 5 March 2019
  • Seat: any available (Economy)

Security & Gates

The security line is pretty short. You can bet that the other people going through are almost definitely your fellow passengers. The agent was very friendly and thorough. I could spot about 12-15 fellow passengers while we waited.

There are two gates that seem to be operational and they both go out through the same door!

I got chatting to two friends who were visiting Australia from Cornwall – one of my favourite places to travel. It was fun to pass the hour or so waiting to board with a chat.

This was a QantasLink flight. The difference between QantasLink and regular Qantas domestic flights is in the comfort of the product and on board service. This economy seat was a little tighter than usual and service was a small bottle of water. As this was such a short flight (less than 40 minutes), there was no need for anything more.

For some reason, the majority of other passengers (I think I see maybe 4 in the photo above) sat at the back.

The Deep Red Earth

The plane started to taxi towards the Connellan runway. I snapped a picture of the deep red earth, almost despite myself. I had seen so much of it at Uluru and would see more at Alice, but…

…as I came to write this blog a couple of weeks later, in Perth, that deep red earth brings back a lovely memory of the Outback and the lovely people I met there.

Alice Springs Airport

After the size of Connellan Airport, Alice Springs seemed huge!

There are plenty of shops for what is also a comparatively small airport. Everything felt very new and clean.

I found the baggage carousels pretty sharpish and the bags took just a moment or two to come through.

It was back out to the relentless flies that you get in the Outback and some completely non-functioning insect repellant that I was using. Outback Flies are like, “nah, not me mate”. I hope you enjoyed today’s QantasLink Flight Review – check out other Flight Reviews here.