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From personal alarms to door wedges, these are your top travel safety essentials.

Making sure you’re safe and secure is just as crucial as soaking up unforgettable moments when you travel. Keeping safe and healthy on your adventures, whether a day trip to Dublin or trip of a lifetime to Argentina, doesn’t need too much effort. Be prepared with a few travel-focused safety essentials, reassurance you can handle emergencies on the move.

My list of Top Travel Safety Products is a choice of high-quality safety products for personal safety, protecting valuables, healthy travel and adapting to weather conditions.

My Top Picks


She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm on Amazon – £34.90

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Lewis-Plast Premium First Aid Kit on Amazon – £8.99

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Monsin Door Stop Alarm on Amazon – £11.99

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BEST bag with slash-proof straps:

Pacsafe Vibe 150 anti-theft bag on Amazon – £85

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BEST hidden money belt:

MYCARBON Travel Money Belt – £11.99

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BEST rfid blocking wallet:

Lifeventure RFiD Protected Zip Wallet for Travel – £14.51

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BEST hand sanitizer:

Cuticura Hand Gel (6 x 100ml) – £9.00

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BEST disinfectant wipes FOR TRAVEL:

Clinell Hand Wipes (Pack of 30) – £1.99

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BEST reusable water bottle with filter:

LifeStraw Go Series – 1L Aegean Sea

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BEST compact umbrella:

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella – £30.99

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BEST light travel blanket:

Litume Compact Fleece Blanket – £33.98

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BEST multipurpose scarf:

Kangqifen Soft-Striped Unisex Scarf- £16.80

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Best Personal Alarm

She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

Why I like it

  • It’s small, but very loud.
  • Built by women for women. 5% of profits go to women-focused charities.
  • Bright colours make it easy to see in a bag.

Points to consider

  • Use an alarm in combination with a personal safety strategy.
  • Remember to test and replace the batteries regularly.

The She’s Birdie Personal Alarm is the best known 130db siren alarm on the market, and for good reason. The alarm is designed by women for women and users can activate a super-loud siren and flashing strobe light to help deter an attack. This is a small alarm that packs a punch that should scare an attacker and attract passersby. This is one worth putting in your pocket, especially to unfamiliar locations or if you have to walk somewhere in the evenings.

Best First Aid Kit

Lewis-Plast Premium First Aid Kit

Why I like it

  • Compact and comprehensive.
  • A solution for most minor emergencies.
  • Light enough for carry-on.

Points to consider

  • You’ll need to add essential medications not covered by the first aid kit.

The Lewis-Plast 92 Piece First Aid Kit is the perfect compact first aid kit for the majority of minor injuries on the road. It has enough items to deal with cuts, grazes, bandaging – the necessities until further help can arrive, if needed.

Best Door Wedge

Monsin Door Stop Alarm

Why I like it

  • Monsin combines a regular door stopper with an alarm to prevent doors being pushed open
  • Loud 120db alarm

Points to consider

  • Batteries are not included.
  • There are 3 sensitivity settings. Get to know which works for your situation.

The Monsin Door Stop Alarm is a light and effective door stop AND door alarm. It requires no wiring, just switch it on and set it at your door. In the event of an unwanted entry, the stopper will block entry and set off a loud alarm that will deter most intruders. This is a pack of two, so can be used for a hotel door and balcony (if needed).

Best Crossbody Bag with Slash-Proof Straps

Pacsafe Vibe 150 – Anti-theft bag

Why I like it

  • Anti-theft features include an RFID pocket, slash-proof material and straps with steel wire inserts.
  • Pacsafe is the leader in anti-theft bags that are practical, low-key and gender neutral.

Points to consider

The Pacsafe Vibe 150 is designed to safeguard your valuables when you’re out enjoying a city or a countryside hike. Plus it works as a personal item for carry on. The fabric has a lightweight steel wire mesh to protect against a ‘slash and run’ theft. The strap contains steel wire to stop thieves getting away with your valuables. Plus the zipped main compartment has an RFID blocking pocket to prevent data being stolen from your credit cards or passports.

Best Hidden Money Belt

MYCARBON Travel Belt with RFID

Why I like it

  • Designed to wear under your clothes, fully-adjustable for all body types.
  • RFID blocking fabric to protect cards and passports.

Points to consider

The MYCARBON Money Belt is an updated version of a more basic hidden belt. Like all money belts, it lies flat against the skin underneath your clothes and works on your tummy or shifted around to your back. You’ll need to wear a full-length tee-shirt, top or sweater. This version has a flap over the main zippered compartment, meaning that when you do access the belt, an opportunistic thief can’t simply swipe your items. Plus the belt uses an RFID resistant material to prevent data being stolen from your credit cards or passports.

Best RFID Wallet

Lifeventure RFiD Zip Wallet for Travel

Why I like it

  • Inexpensive, but practical wallet for everyday travel.
  • RFID blocking fabric to protect cards.

Points to consider

  • Yes, practical. No, not fancy.
  • Eco-friendly, waxed canvas, but not fully waterproof.

The Lifeventure RFiD Protected Zip Wallet for Travel is a small sensible wallet to add to your travel stash. It zips completely closed, allows for 6 cards including one mesh pocket for an ID. Not the most stylish on the market, but it’s practical and I’d advise you to leave your fancy designer-brand wallet at home to avoid attracting opportunistic thieves.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Cuticura Hand Gel (6 x 100ml)

Why I like it

  • Practical size of 100ml.
  • Keeps hands clean when using public transport or toilets of dubious cleanliness.

Points to consider

Cuticura Hand Gel became particularly well-known during the pandemic, but it’s very sensible to carry a quality hand sanitizer when you’re on the road. Keep a bottle in your pack to use on public transport or in situations where you can’t access soap and water, or you’re concerned about the water.

Best Disinfectant Wipes

Clinell Hand Wipes for Travel (pack of 30)

Why I like it

  • Practical 30 unit pack of wipes for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Great for cleaning a toilet, airplane seat or use on your hands before eating.

Points to consider

Clinell Hand Wipes are in an ideal pack of 30 for travel – simply stow them in your carry-on and use them to clean mucky hands or your plane seat. Use them as a practical step to minimise contamination or pesky bugs you don’t want to endure.

Best Water Bottle with Filter

LifeStraw Go 1L Aegean Sea

Why I like it

  • LifeStraw is the market-leader in filtered water bottles.
  • Attractive, well-built and BPA free.

Points to consider

The LifeStraw Go Series (1L, Aegean Sea) is the latest in LifeStraw’s filtering water bottles. This is a 1 litre option (available in numerous colours) which filters out chlorine, smells, most parasites and nasties. It should make most water sources potable and safe to drink, e.g., water from an airport bathroom. Expensive for a reason.

Best Compact Travel Umbrella

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Why I like it

  • #1 best seller in umbrellas
  • Light and fits in your bag, but strong enough for even Irish weather!

Points to consider

The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is a small, super-popular travel umbrella that works for everyday use as much as wider travel weather needs. Even with this small an umbrella, you get a vented double canopy (to deal with strong wind), fibreglass ribs and an auto open/close function. You won’t be disappointed with this option.

Best Light Travel Blanket

Litume Compact Fleece Blanket

Why I like it

  • Folds into a small stuff sack (included)
  • Will keep you warm when travelling, but not add much to your carry-on weight.

Points to consider

  • Four colours, mostly masculine.
  • Quite light (compromise vs weight).

The Litume Compact Fleece Travel Blanket is a soft, comforting fleece that folds into a compact stuff sack (included). The blanket is big enough to cover your body, making it perfect for flights or to supplement your hotel or camping bedding.

Best Multipurpose Scarf

Kangqifen Unisex Scarf

Why I like it

  • Available in 4 colours for men & women
  • Useful for changing temperatures, plane AC.
  • Use as an emergency picnic blanket or bag.

Points to consider

  • Not a heavy scarf suitable for snowy weather.

The Kangqifen Soft Scarf is a soft and light scarf that can be used for multiple travel purposes. I carry a light scarf to stay warm on flights, or if weather changes unexpectedly at my destination. Plus, in a pinch, it will serve as a picnic blanket, or can be easily fashioned into a bag to carry fruit or souvenirs.


In conclusion, incorporating travel safety products into your packing list is not just a precaution—it’s a smart investment in your well-being and peace of mind. By prioritizing safety and preparedness, you can enjoy your travels with confidence, knowing that you’re equipped to handle whatever comes your way. So before your next adventure, take the time to assess your travel needs and invest in the essential safety products that will help you travel safely and responsibly. You might be glad you did it!

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