Transit: Darwin to Adelaide Qantas QF757

Buh-bye Darwin!  That’s my typical travel baggery when there’s a free (included) cabin bag!  One roll-along, one rucksack and a hat.


I didn’t faff about with a hotel shuttle as it was going only once an hour in the early morning and hopped into a cab.  With a very short queue at check-in and security, I found myself at Dome, a French-style bistro serving up the only decent breakfast at the airport.


Pretty much everyone was queuing up for a coffee or a snack (despite the outrageous costs!).  I didn’t care, I fancied something with bacon in it.


I didn’t mind the view! Nobody was rushing around just yet this early in the morning.


Tea showed up from Tea Pigs, which was rather good…


…and soon my (healthy, *cough) wrap showed up – bacon, egg, cheese and spinach in a wrap.  It had HP sauce.  Yum.  Want one now.


QF757 was bang on time and I rather like how Qantas (outside of international flights) just lets you get on board whenever you want. Doesn’t do all that Ryanair nonsense with paying for early access. There was plenty of space for everyone and their bags.


After that breakfast wrap, I wasn’t expecting a meal on board, but as the trip between Darwin and Adelaide is 3.5 hours, I guess they do need to offer something.  This was a shonky chicken curry.


I was much more interested in the sight outside – look at that sky!! I don’t know if it was a function of our flying height, the clarity of the ozone or a filter on the window, but this horizon is gorgeous.


Before landing (and in case our calorific intake was slumping) some chocolate caramels were handed out.  Love it!


Hold on! I’m full!  Some crackers show up, are tasted and pocketed for a late night Adelaidian snack!


One other great thing about Qantas flights is that, almost without exception, air bridges are used, meaning you don’t have any delay or faffing around getting on to a bus (many European destinations) to bring you to the terminal.


QF757 was a smooth and easy flight – highly recommended!

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