Travel guides and tips for Iceland, including where to go, things to do, good things to eat and stories mainly about Reykjavik, as well as some information on day trips and the great ring road itinerary.

Icelandair Boeing 757 at Dublin Airport 2022 - copyright Patrick Hughes

Review: Icelandair in Economy from Dublin to Keflavik

Welcome to this flight report featuring Icelandair in Economy Class from Dublin to Keflavik. Booking I am no stranger to flying with Icelandair, having tried out the Saga Premium business class product once or twice ...


Iceland Day 2021: a joyful brass band, noodles & a reflective harbour

I happened to be in Reykjavík on the 17th of June this year, and thinking about what would be a fun way to spend my day. I had managed not to have to be quarantined ...


Review: Center Hotels Plaza, Reykjavik

Last time I came to Iceland, I stayed at the Fosshotel in Reykjavik and it was a 10/10! Fosshotel has accommodation in some of the most spectacular locations around the country and are known for ...


Getting from Keflavik Airport to downtown Reykjavik – 5 options & costs

You’re a bit stuck when you get to Keflavik Airport and you need to head downtown Reykjavik. I’d love to tell you that there is a great value tram or train running every 5 minutes ...


Lava Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland – pitch perfect set menu

Fantastic lunch at the Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland, featuring arctic char, lamb and astarpungar or 'love balls'!!