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Not all cruise companies are created equally! I’ve been trying to steer clear of sugar for the past year and having an option to have a sugar-free treat really helps combat days when I feel like a nice dessert. That was a problem on NCL (Norwegian), but no issue at all with Princess Cruises.

Who wants sugar-free options?

Is there much of a demand for sugar-free options on a cruise? Yes and not only for the obvious reasons! Many people who choose to cruise are from an older age profile and omitting sugar can be a dietary requirement for medical purposes. For others, like me, it’s not about managing diabetes, but helping keep an eye on weight management. So the demand comes from both a medical and a non-medical place.

What sugar-free options are there on Princess Cruises?

There are three main places to go to get your sugar-free fix on Princess Cruises

Main Dining Room

Each of the main dining rooms (Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli) offer a single sugar-free dessert as part of their regular evening menu. This can include small cakes (I have found these to be dense), a Napoleon (or millefeuille), or a poached pear with cream. The pear (or any fruit option) was by far the nicest of these options. Often sugar free desserts can be particularly heavy.

Horizon Food Court

The Horizon Food Court is Princess Cruises’ version of a buffet. There is an entire station dedicated to desserts. One of these each day (sometimes two) are marked as “S/F” or sugar-free. Typically this includes a cream-heavy cake, a profiterole or a Napoleon. There were some interesting flavours of cake during my month-long South Pacific cruise!

Coffee & Cones

Many people use Coffee & Cones on Deck 14 for their morning latte or cappuccino, but it also serves ice cream throughout the day. There is always one sugar-free ice-cream on offer and flavours are restricted to chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Only one will be offered each day. They are served in a cone (which may contain a small amount of sugar) or in a cup. This can be a nice way to wind down after a long Sea Day.

Summary: Sugar-free on Princess

I felt pretty well looked-after on Princess Cruises from a dietary perspective. There was always a healthier option as a main course, plus sugar-free options at lunch, dinner and on-demand with the daily ice-cream flavour. What was your experience on board? Let me know in the comments below.

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