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This post is about the itinerary I took on my recent “Arctic Adventure” which took me from Ireland all the way to Nordkapp in Norway, the furthest point North you can reach on the European mainland. I returned via stunning locations like Senja, Lofoton and Oslo.

The Arctic Adventure is a YouTube season available here and new itinerary details are added to this page as they are released on the channel.

1. Ireland to Scotland

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Start: Newry, Northern Ireland

End: Stavely, England (via Cairnryan, Scotland)

Stayed: Poolsbrook Country Park Campsite

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2. England to the Netherlands

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Start: Stavely, England

End: Groningen, Netherlands

Stayed: Camping Groningen Internationaal

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3. Solo Van Life in the Netherlands

4. Experiencing Groningen, Netherlands

5. Groningen to Lubeck to Copenhagen

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Start: Groningen, Netherlands

End: Copenhagen, Denmark

Stayed: Stellplatz, Bad Schwartau (Lübeck)

Stayed: Copenhagen Camping

6. Copenhagen via Øresund to Visingsö, Sweden

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Start: Copenhagen Camping

End: Island of Visingsö, Sweden

Stayed: Visingsö Stallplats

7. Visingsö to Stockholm, Sweden

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Start: Island of Visingsö, Sweden

End: Stockholm Sweden

Stayed: Långholmen Husbilscamping

8. Rest stop in Stockholm, Sweden

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Tour of Stockholm Archipelago

Stayed: Långholmen Husbilscamping

9. Stockholm to Nordkapp, Norway

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Start: Stockholm, Sweden

Via: Stocka Hamn, Overkalix

End: Nordkapp, Norway

Stayed: Stocka Gästhamn

Stayed: Overkalix Camping

Stayed: Nordkapp Parking

10. Nordkapp to Senja Island

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Start: Nordkapp

Via: Oksfjord Hamn, Finsness

End: Ersfjord, Senja Island

Stayed: Oksfjord Hamn

Stayed: Ersfjord Beach Camping (wild camping)

11. More to come…

Start: Ersfjord Beach

End: Lofoten Islands

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