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While Iceland’s weather might have few seasonal variations, its Blue Lagoon gives visitors the chance to warm their bones with a dip in the blue hot springs. In fact, Iceland has made a successful business out of this natural resource and nowhere is this better reflected that in the Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon.

This restaurant was one of my Top 3 places for 2018 and delivers a consistently good product, despite the high turnover of tourists.

It’s hard to be dressed up for the Blue Lagoon, but everyone is in the same boat. You’ve just splashed around in the thermal waters, spreading white clay on your face (the best facial I’ve had!), and you’re probably wearing a comfortable jacket or fleece. No problem. The formality is all in the food preparation.

I booked a Premier ticket (I know, I’m a sucker for an upgrade, find out more at their website here), and that buys you access to Lava.

I think I always look happiest when there is food on the way!

First up: local breads. I have found sourdough-based breads to be of superb quality in Iceland – that white ball on the left of the picture is a flavoured form of Skyr (Icelandic yoghurt). This was like whipped butter with volcanic salt on it. It was low fat (seriously) and amazing. I would crawl back to the Blue Lagoon for another taste.

The bread was accompanied by a free glass of bubbly, which you get for booking your table via the website. Thank you, I’m happy to claim that!

First up was birch and juniper cured arctic char, with horseradish cream and cucumber. This was a taste sensation. Curing or smoking can be WAY too strong for my taste buds, but this was gently handled and the fish fell apart with still pearlescent flakes.  Top notch.

Main course was lamb – there was a small piece fillet, with a slow-cooked piece of lamb shoulder, accompanied by carrots and rhubarb. This was an elegant plate of food. As always, I’d be happier with a little more protein, but no complaints given the overall progression of the courses.

Dessert was Astarpungar (apparently that translates as ‘Love Balls’) with ice-cream and salted caramel – kind of like beignets or crunchy doughnuts. I could have used a little more caramel, but when have I not said that?

This was not a heavy meal. You come away feeling replete but not sickly full.

Three courses of this quality costs EUR53.  For Iceland where a sandwich is EUR10, that’s a STEAL! If you’re going to the Blue Lagoon, go at lunch or dinner time and go to Lava.  The service is good (although it’s hard to flag someone down when you want them as they shimmy around so quickly), the food is excellent and the value is amazing.

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