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After a very educational tour around Fremantle Prison, the hunger came on me. It was 34 degrees (mid 80s) with a stiff breeze as hot as the opening of an oven door and carbs were in order. I’d spotted that there was a brewery in the harbour, an area I wanted to explore and made my way from the prison through the town of Fremantle.

Restaurant: Little Creatures Brewing
Location: 40 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160
Website: Click here

Fremantle Market was right on my route. A fellow passenger on the flight from London to Perth had said this was high on her places to visit.

This is a typical farmer’s market with great fresh produce and flowers. Mostly, it’s things I can’t transport as I travel with hand-luggage only! Yes, really!

My hunger wheels propelled me onwards towards the harbour and this attractive ferris wheel. Sadly, it was quite empty!

On arrival at Little Creatures Brewery, a very busy staff member signalled where a free spot could be found. It was busy and noisy, packed with lunch-goers and staff rushing from table to table. That’s usually a good sign. Right?

As you might have guessed, it took a long time to flag down a server to take my order. An embarrassingly long time. I was frustrated, to be honest. It was hot (no AC), I was hungry, I could see that staff were flying around and working hard but big groups took precedence.

Please feed me! Eventually, my pizza and a beer found their way to me. I ordered a meatball pizza (it sounded nicer on the page than it looked or tasted). It was almost devoid of mozzarella. Sigh. However dry it was, I still ate every bit of it!

I reckon this is a popular local joint that struggles to flex when it is busiest. I have not run a restaurant so I’m not going to give advice on how to ensure all your customers are kept happy and ticking over so that your chefs have time to process the orders. All I can give is the customer’s perspective: don’t go to this place if you’re expecting to get out of there in any predictable timeframe. And bring your own mozzarella.

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