Kaprica, Melbourne

On my first night in Melbourne, I was zonked by the time difference and had had a pretty good walk around the shops and library for my first day out (click here).


It was 9pm by the time I got peckish and I literally gambled on the closest place to the hotel, Ibis on Swanston.


Kaprica had a 4.5+ rating on Google Maps, was 200m from the front door of the hotel and was open. It was PACKED!  There was a table outside, but it was pretty windy and a touch cool and I’d wandered out in a tee shirt and shorts. The hostess, who doubled as wine pourer in chief, was as friendly as you like, only 21 or 22 and very much in charge.


She found me a table inside, the very last one, saying there wouldn’t likely be many more people along.  Not true!  Piles of new couples and foursomes arrived and I felt slightly guilty on my 4-seater!

It is incredibly noisy inside Kaprica because of the tin roof and how all of our tongues loosen and volumes relax when a little good food and wine is taken.


This pizza was amazing… pancetta, parsley, tomato, fresh ripped mozza and shards of red chilli.  Spicy and salty – soo good!


A glass of house red helped this go down smoothly, alongside a (no ask) bottle of cold tap water.  All in all, a great find for a late evening and a lovely neighbourhood restaurant. Worth a visit!

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