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In the spirit of it being mega-hot (low 30s) in Perth and not feeling super-hungry, I sought out a sushi place near my hotel in the Perth CBD.  One seemed to tick all the boxes, Jaw Sushi, which has good ratings across the board. A quick look at the online menu showed it had the salmon nigiri and a range of crunchy deep-fried chicken delights that I love.

The restaurant is set up for casual dining and is located inside a nicely appointed mall (Equus) near Hay Street/Murray Street. There is a sushi train through the centre, with high stools along one side and booths along the other. The booths were much busier than the high stools during my visit.

The majority of products actually on the belt were non-fish. The woman beside me chose a tofu teriyaki which looked delicious and a variety of chicken-stuffed items floated past.  At my booth, the server took and fulfilled my drinks order super quickly and, as soon as I’d barely scanned the menu, a chef within the sushi train zone came over and took my salmon nigiri and tamake order.

While I was waiting, I couldn’t resist a chicken treat from the sushi train, selecting a hot crispy chilli chicken dish, which was delicious. I could have taken a little more heat, but I did love the fresh shards of red chilli heat.

Before long, the salmon nigiri was delivered and seemed freshly prepared.   However, one of the pieces had a surprising amount of small bone shards in it. I appreciate this can happen, particularly with larger fillets, but with sushi, I’ve never had that issue before. Perhaps my glowing review loses a point or two for this reason.

In the calmest way, I reported the problem to the chef and server who took my payment. I expected this one dish (not expensive) to be removed from the bill, simply as a courtesy, but neither member of staff showed any interest. It’s no big deal, but it’s how issues are handled that can be of greater concern than the original issue.

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