Fish for Easter at Casa Lastarria, Santiago, Chile

As a food blogger, I am in favour of all occasions, be they religious or secular, that warrant a feast. Therefore, the fact it was Easter while I was in Santiago, Chile, gave me an excellent excuse to try another fine dining restaurant in the Lastarria District (check out my other Lastarria favourite here). I found everything in the district open and with spaces for casual clients.

Restaurant: Casa Lastarria
Location: José Victorino Lastarria 70, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Opening Hours: Mondays CLOSED, Tu-We: 1-10pm, Thu-Fri: 1-11pm, Sa: 1-11.30pm, Su: 1-4.30pm 
Phone: +56 2 2638 3236

The logo seemed appropriate for Easter with its simple cross

The menu was pretty extensive, including a range of fish starters and mains. My appetite was lighter than usual and I wanted some subtle and elegant flavours.

As it was a special day, I had a look at the cocktail menu.  I wanted something suitable for lunchtime and wondered what a traditional Pisco Sour might be like.

Service at every Chilean restaurant I visited was excellent and Casa Lastarria was no exception. I chose an outside table, perfect for people watching!

These tables soon filled up with people interested in a leisurely lunch.

That pisco sour was soon mixed up and on my table! Delicious! Crisp rather than too acidic and relatively light!

My starter was a tuna ceviche. I do love all things raw tuna and had high hopes for this dish.

It was served on a chunky guacamole with fresh green chillis and tomatillo. The addition of that tomatillo gave a bright acidity to the dish balancing the fatty tuna and nutty sesame notes.

For a main course, I chose Chilean sea bass, served with a lemon risotto.  This was one of the nicest things I had to eat in South America! The chef had paid careful attention to the seasoning and their work was much appreciated!

On the whole, Casa Lastarria offers a good selection of drinks and food. It was more expensive than some of its neighbouring fine dining competitors and, if I were a regular, I would be looking more closely at why this was the case. However, for my special Easter meal, money was not the primary concern and I enjoyed every morsel!

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