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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Perth to Melbourne (PER-MEL)

Seat: 47F (Economy)

Duration: 3h33m

Qantas QF10: 2 sectors, free Perth layover & cheap Australian flights

Qantas QF10 (QFA10) is a two sector flight from London to Perth to Melbourne. You can find the Qantas QF10 London to Perth flight review here. This review covers Sector 2, from Perth to Melbourne.

I planned my trip because of the direct Qantas QF10 flight from the UK to Australia (I get bad jet lag). There’s two things I learned in the process:

Let’s get back to the flight review! After a fun few days in Western Australia, exploring Perth, New Norcia and Margaret River, I returned to Perth International Airport for the second sector of Qantas QF10. Note that the call sign for the flight remains the same for the two sectors.

Qantas QF10: Perth Check-in Experience

At Perth Airport, Terminal 3 is the International Terminal, where you need to go for Qantas QF10, despite the fact this sector of the flight is domestic. I downloaded the Qantas App, to keep track of all my Qantas flights, including QF10. I started to regret it! By the time I reached check-in, the Qantas App dinged 3 times to say check-in was closing. I was AT check in more than 2 hours ahead of the flight.

Qantas operates a self-help check-in, and there was one member of Qantas Staff in Perth to answer questions. People were waiting in line (clearly with a variety of issues) and, while I was there, she walked off and there was no more help. The passengers in line seemed pretty concerned.

Qantas QF10: Domestic & International Security at Perth Airport

You should treat Qantas QF10 as an international flight and, at Perth Airport, you have to go through security twice. You must go through Domestic Security first, and then proceed to International Security. I didn’t realise this and had a couple of things confiscated that were fine for domestic, but not international. Lesson learned.

Qantas QF10: International Departures

Once through security, the Perth International Departures area was pretty busy. Expect decent but minimal facilities: one bar/restaurant, a duty-free store and a small general shop for snacks and magazines.

Food Options at Perth International

I chose to sit at the restaurant and order some lunch. The menu will feel very expensive to some visitors. Yes, it’s an airport with a captive audience and, in my experience, Australia is expensive for food and drinks. Even so, I thought this was taking the p*ss.

To be honest, I did not know if Sector 2 of Qantas QF10 would offer any food. So I went ahead and ordered a Croque Monsieur, which arrived topped with crunchy cheese and béchamel sauce.

This was so rich, even I couldn’t manage it! A perfect snack for two people to enjoy. After my meal, other people were lining up to order, so I gave up my seat. I enjoyed a short walk around Duty Free, although carrying a bottle or big bag of snacks when you only carry hand luggage is not possible.

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Qantas QF10 Flight Review: Boarding

By the time I left the restaurant, I could see that the 787-9 Dreamliner was already at the gate and that many of the people around the gate were stretching their legs after arriving in Perth from London. The poor things must have been exhausted! Before long, the gate agents boarded everyone all at once (no call-outs for business or by row).

Qantas QF10 Sector 2: On-board Service

My seat was in Economy on the aisle of the centre 3 seats of a 3-3-3 configuration. I’m tall and my neighbour was equally as tall. We both laughed, the economy seats are not built for taller people! I offered to move, but there was no option as the flight was full. Therefore, we sucked it up and enjoyed a chat for the over 3 hours flight to Melbourne.

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Food & Drinks on Qantas QF10

I regretted the meal I had in the departures area because there is a food service on Sector 2 of Qantas QF10. On offer was a quinoa and pea salad with sweet tomatoes and chicken. This continued the healthy food ethos that Qantas has been trying to cultivate on its long-haul Dreamliner routes. Find details of what’s served on the London to Perth sector here.

Not long before landing, the staff brought around a Mango ice cream bar – which was refreshing and delicious as with a time difference of 3 hours from Perth, we arrived quite late in the evening into Melbourne.

Qantas QF10: Melbourne Arrivals

This flight brings passengers to International Arrivals at Melbourne Airport, meaning that everyone needs to go through passport control again, even those who re-boarded in Perth for this domestic flight sector. However, anyone who had visited Perth was provided with an orange sticker for our boarding passes, and directed to a ‘special aisle’ to make the process faster. We were very grateful to get through a little faster, given it was getting quite late.

To fly this domestic leg from Perth to Melbourne on QF10 gives a taste of the longer international flight, but all the additional hassle of going through international security and then passport control may be inconvenient for people who simply want to get to Perth or Melbourne in the fastest way. A regular Qantas flight would be less disturbance (other airlines are available).

I hope you enjoyed this Qantas QF10 Flight Review. Find more flight reviews here.

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