Review: Qantas QF10 Part 2 – Perth to Melbourne


  • Qantas QF10 (domestic leg)
  • Boeing 787-9 (Dreamliner)
  • Perth (PER) to Melbourne (MEL)
  • 20 February 2019
  • Seat: any available (Economy)

Qantas QF10: a two sector flight

The first sector of Qantas QF10 is from London to Perth (click here), which I had taken just a few days earlier. After a questionable visit to New Norcia and a boozy afternoon in Margaret River, it was time to wave goodbye to Western Australia and head back to Perth airport to pick up the second sector of QF10, from Perth across to Melbourne. The flight maintains the same call sign, QF10 for the through flight. Passengers are welcome (by prior arrangement) to disembark at Perth, enjoy a few days in Western Australia, and rejoin the journey to Melbourne. There is no additional charge for this opportunity.

Check-in Drama: Qantas “Self-Help”

Terminal 3 is the International Terminal, where you need to pick up QF10, despite the fact this sector is domestic. By the time I reached check-in, the Qantas app dinged about 3 times to say check-in was closing. I had about 2 hours in hand. What's that all about?

Self-help check-in was super busy and there was one member of staff answering questions. After waiting in line to get to check myself in behind people getting help from the staff member, she simply walked off and there was no more help. I had to trust to the fact I still had 1 hour and 40 minutes in hand. It was all a drama that nobody needed.

Qantas QF10: Double Security

Taking Qantas QF10 is like taking an international flight, but at Perth you have to go through Domestic Security, then go right through International Security. My tiny nail scissors were snaffled. I may have to get a manicure in Melbourne.

Qantas QF10: Holding Pen

Once through security, there is an international flights Holding Pen, which was quite busy by the time I made it through. There is one bar/restaurant, a duty free and a small shopping area in this international part of Terminal 3 at Perth.

Food Options | Perth Terminal 3 International Pre-Boarding

I parked myself at the restaurant. I checked out the menu to find that It's OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Yes, this is an airport with a captive audience and yes, food in Australia is way more expensive than in Europe. Even so, it was very expensive.

It looked like I had time to order something. It was unclear if a snack might be served on QF10 and I was hungry. I went for a less expensive item, a Croque Monsieur, which arrived in a mass of crunchy cheese and béchamel sauce.

I couldn't eat all of that, but I did try. There's nowhere to wander to in the holding pen so I skulked outside Duty Free unsurprised by how expensive everything was!

Qantas QF10 Flight Review: Boarding

The 787-9 Dreamliner was already at the gate and the departures area was full of people who were stretching their legs after arriving in Perth from London. They must have been exhausted!

We didn't have to wait too much longer and Qantas just boarded everyone in one big pile (no call-outs for business or seat numbers).

Qantas QF10 Flight Review: On-board Service

I am a tall and broad person and was seated beside someone with a similar frame. We started to laugh – the economy seats are not built for taller people! I offered to move, but there was no option as the flight was full. Therefore, we sucked it up and enjoyed a chat for the over 3 hours flight to Melbourne.

I started to regret the massive Croque Monsieur because there WAS a food service on this flight. This was a quinoa and pea salad with sweet tomatoes and chicken. This continued the healthy food ethos that the QF10 Dreamliner has become known for.

Not long before landing, the staff brought around a Mango ice cream bar – which was refreshing and delicious as with a time difference of 3 hours from Perth, we arrived quite late in the evening into Melbourne.

Qantas QF10: Melbourne Arrivals

This flight brings passengers to International Arrivals at Melbourne Airport, meaning that everyone needs to go through passport control again, even those who re-boarded in Perth for this domestic flight sector. However, anyone who had visited Perth was provided with an orange sticker on our boarding passes, and directed to a ‘special aisle' to make the process faster. We were very grateful to get through a little faster, given it was getting quite late.

All that remained was a straightforward Uber ride into Melbourne's CBD and to check in to my Ibis hotel for the next few days and to plan a visit to the National Gallery. I need to adapt to 3 more hours of time difference. A snip compared to London to Perth!

I hope you enjoyed this Qantas QF10 Flight Review. Like Air Travel? Find more here.

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