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Qantas QF10 is the third longest flight in the world and connects London, UK to Perth, Australia. In this flight review, you’ll find facts about Qantas QF10, as well as details of my personal experience flying this route return, still the longest flight I’ve ever taken.


Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

London Heathrow to Perth (LHR-PER)

Seat: 49F (Economy)

Duration: 17h

Qantas QF10 Quick Facts

  • QF10 is the flight number given by Australian airline Qantas to its flight from London, UK to Perth, Australia.
  • QF10 is the longest regular flight run by Qantas at 17.5 hours gate to gate.
  • QF10 is the third longest flight in the world in regular operation.
  • QF10 is the only flight that connects the UK directly to Australia. Every other flight has a stopover en route.
  • The Qantas Dreamliner flies this route, which is a Boeing 787-9 with 236 seats, considered fewer than competitors.
  • The QF10 is renamed the QF9 for its return journey from Perth to London.
  • The QF10 carries on to Melbourne after its stop in Perth. Passengers can stopover in Perth free of charge and carry on to Melbourne.
  • QF10 passengers can connect to every other major Australian city from Perth.
  • The price of flying Economy in Qantas QF10 starts at £1,234 return.

Find more frequently asked questions about Qantas QF10 at the end of this flight review.

How to book Qantas QF10 & get discounts via the Qantas Explorer

While you can book with a travel agent, I booked Qantas QF10 on the main Qantas website. I did so for two reasons: I wanted to try to find the cheapest day as I had flexibility, and I wanted to learn more about Qantas Explorer, the special pricing available for internal Australian flights given to international tourists arriving into Australia in Economy class. I have a full article on Qantas Explorer which you can open for later!

There are cheaper ways to get to Australia than the direct Qantas QF10 route. You might save £2-300 on a return ticket that stops over in Dubai (with Qantas). My decision came down to two things:

  • No stopover equals less jet lag.
  • Booking with Qantas gives you cheaper onward travel in Australia.

I do suffer from jet lag so no stopover is big. Plus, when I combined the places I wanted to fly to on my itinerary (Perth, Alice Springs, Darwin, Uluru and Adelaide) and established an overall cost, having access to lower cost Qantas Explorer fares made the overall ticket price more reasonable. In addition, booking everything through Qantas at the same time gave me one combined itinerary with one number to call if I needed to make changes.

Why Qantas QF10 is a Good Idea

I spent a lot of time reading blogs and reviews about Qantas QF10. The London Heathrow to Perth flight is the third-longest flight in the world and so it’s a bit famous. It was launched in 2018 to replace a much longer stopover flight from London to Dubai to Melbourne. The aircraft, a Boeing 787-9 (Dreamliner), is billed as reducing jet lag and wear and tear on the human body over long distances. For this 17-hour trip, there would be innovative air conditioning with less recycled air and increased oxygen and humidity, as well as healthier and lighter meals. These combine to make the flight length a good trade off for no stopover.

Qantas QF10 Check-in at London Heathrow

With such a long travel day ahead, I flew to Heathrow from Belfast a day ahead. I like to show up early, so 3 hours ahead of departure, I was the only person at Qantas check-in, which is at Terminal 3 in London Heathrow.

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Qantas QF10 Flight Review: Premium Cabin Prices

I chose to fly in Economy on this flight, as both the Premium and Business cabins seemed extraordinarily expensive. However, if you’re tempted to enjoy the luxury of a premium cabin….

  • A typical Qantas QF10 Premium Economy ticket in 2024 costs over £5,000 return.
  • A Qantas QF10 Business Class ticket in 2024 costs £8,600 return.
  • A Qantas QF10 First Class ticket in 2024 costs £10,000 return.

To get these prices, I checked out a typical 2 week return flight on Qantas QF10 from London to Perth, returning from Perth to London on Qantas QF9. There may be cheaper or more expensive fares that you can achieve depending on your flexibility. You can get a cheaper flight than Qantas QF10 by stopping over: read more about where to stopover en route to Australia or New Zealand.

With the check-in desk so quiet, I decided to check with the agent if a paid-for upgrade to Premium Economy might be available. He said, “usually, upgrades can be bought, except for the direct flight to Perth, as it’s usually 100% sold out before the day of the flight”. Darn it! It struck me that if the flight was sold out, my back-up dream of a row to myself in Economy was definitely not going to happen!

Qantas QF10 Flight Review: Gate Experience

I picked up a bottle of gin in duty free to see me through my 5 weeks in Australia and hotfooted it to the lounge area in Terminal 3. The options available are not very fancy, to be honest. With an economy ticket and insufficient Qantas status, I couldn’t try out the Qantas International Lounge at Heathrow. However, with Priority Pass, I had the chance to enjoy the Aspire Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3.

Qantas QF10 Flight Review - This shows the long corridor at Heathrow just before passengers must pass through pre-screening.

Passengers have to pass through pre-screening

Qantas QF10 Flight Review - Patrick is sitting in the holding area after pre-screening and before boarding his flight to Perth

There’s plenty of seating so the wait isn’t a pain.

Qantas operates a pre-screening area at the gate, to ensure that all the passports and visas are in order and we were held in that area for about 20 minutes before the flight started to board in the usual business-premium economy-economy by row order.

What I could see of business class and premium economy looked really fresh and spacious. However, I was also fairly impressed by the quality of economy.  

Qantas QF10: Picking a Seat on the Dreamliner

Picking the ‘right’ seat can be a decision fraught with challenges, especially when the flight will be more than 17 hours. The Dreamliner configuration is 3-3-3 in Economy. I had picked a seat in Row 49, about halfway through the Economy cabin.

Why choosing a Dreamliner seat is a dilemma

  • Window Seat: you need to wake/disturb two other people to get out for a walk / the toilet. But I love the view at take-off and landing.
  • Aisle Seat on a 3 that has a window: two other people will need to wake/disturb you to get out.
  • Middle Seat: no, never.
  • Aisle Seat on the centre 3: only the person in the middle seat might need to disturb you to get out. There is a 50% chance of being disturbed because, if you are asleep, and the person on their other side is awake, they will get out that direction.
  • Can you tell I’ve overthought this?

Every seat had a pretty decent pillow, a comfy blanket, cheap over-ear headphones and an amenity pack (eye-mask, toothbrush & paste, ear plugs).

I was surprised at how comfortable the seat was – there was decent lumbar support and a reasonable width and pitch.  In fact, because there is a ‘foot net’ (a special sort of net bag into which you slip your feet to support them under the seat in front of you), it felt more spacious than almost any economy seat I’ve used on long haul (possibly with the exception of Latam from South Africa to Brazil).

Qantas QF10 Flight Review: Inflight Entertainment

The inflight screen was about 10 inches and there was a small flip-down tray to carry my iPad.  As my iPad is one of the bigger models, it did fall off the tray when the person in front put her seat back pretty firmly. So I stopped using that pretty quickly!

There was a reasonable selection of TV, Movies and Audio – really, better than that, a really good and updated list.  The passenger next to me wanted my help to find ‘The Favourite’, but as that was still in cinemas on the day we travelled, it was not available.

Once the seats were reclined when passengers wanted to rest, space did get pretty tight for using the screen or the iPad tray, but that was fine as long as YOU also wanted to recline your seat.

Qantas QF10 Food & Drinks

So to the important stuff – food and drinks on board the Qantas QF10!  The initial drinks service was a pretty good selection of wines or spirits or soft drinks with a snack pack. I went for a gin and tonic which was a refreshing start to service.

The menu was pretty good for Economy (so I’m sure it was really nice in Premium or Business).

Mains included a chicken salad, penne or a Guinness beef stew, served with wine and a dessert of rhubarb and ginger tart.

Although this looks like a modest portion, this was pretty filling and the veggies were really delicious. It’s worth bearing in mind that part of the Qantas Dreamliner long haul philosophy is balancing meals and this option skewed more towards veggies than meat quantity.

Snacks were always available at key points and you could help yourself to drinks, fruit and healthy options if you were awake. Around halfway through the 17 hour Qantas QF10 flight, a shorter service delivered a small but tasty hot Calzone pizza, some fresh fruit and this delicious ice lolly.

Qantas QF10 Breakfast

About 3 hours before landing, a Wake Up drink of apple and ginger was served to startle the taste buds!  I did not sleep at all well on the outbound flight as I couldn’t get into a comfortable position. If I was lucky, I got a couple of 30 minute naps. My legs were certainly sore by the time we arrived. I looked again at options for my return journey, including paying the upgrade price to Premium Economy. Instead, I chose a bulkhead seat, which worked out to be WAY more comfortable.

Breakfast was served around 2.5 hours before landing.  While the Cumberland sausage wasn’t amazing quality, the rest of breakfast was delicious. Somebody in the catering department took seasoning very seriously and I was very glad about that.

Arrival in Perth, Western Australia

Upon arrival in Perth, the wait at customs/immigration was no more than 10 minutes, and my bag was already going around the carousel once I got through.  I chose to transfer to my hotel via Uber, which showed up within 10 minutes and it took 10 minutes more to reach the city centre.

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Summary: Is flying Qantas QF10 worth it?

Is flying Qantas QF10 from Perth to London worth it? If only to reduce jet lag and get started on your holiday quicker, the answer is a definite yes!

Despite the fact I got almost no sleep on board, I suffered no red eyes or scratchiness that you’d normally associate with a long-haul flight.  I did have a short nap when I reached my hotel and then got a further 6 hours sleep on my first night.  On the first full day in Perth, I had a great day and felt completely in the zone with no residual tiredness.  I followed Qantas’ advice to do some light exercise, doing a low-stress 5k jog along the waterfront and getting in lots of walking during the day.  As I usually suffer from pretty bad jetlag, this made a huge difference to the quality of my holiday.  The only thing that would be better would be if I’d flown business!!

Have you taken this flight? I’m interested to hear about your experiences in the comments. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for regular travel tips and news and check out my YouTube channel for travel vlogs.

Qantas QF10 Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly nonstop to Australia?

It depends where you are coming from. Many international flights fly directly to major Australian cities, e.g., Los Angeles to Sydney, Dubai to Melbourne, or London to Perth.

Can you fly nonstop from London to Australia?

The only way to fly directly from the UK to Australia is with Qantas, the Australian airline, on Qantas QF10, from London, UK to Perth, Australia. There are rumours that a direct flight from London to Sydney may launch in the future, but that is not yet confirmed.

Does Qantas still fly London to Perth direct?

Yes, after a long period of cancelled routes during the Covid pandemic, Qantas has reopened the London to Perth route again, with the flight number QF10 (QF9 when flying from Perth to London).

Can you fly from London to Sydney direct? Can you fly from London to Melbourne direct?

There are currently no direct flights from London to Sydney or Melbourne in Australia. There are rumours that a direct flight from London to Sydney may launch, and the route has been tested successfully. However, this flight is not commercially available.

Where does Qantas QF10 stop?

Qantas QF10 is a direct flight from London to Perth, so it does not stop over en route to Australia. However, QF10 continues on from Perth to Melbourne after a short stop in Perth.

What is the longest flight that Qantas flies?

The longest Qantas flight is Qantas QF10, from London, UK to Perth, Australia. The flight takes around 17.5 hours direct.

What type of plane does Qantas use for long-haul flights like Qantas QF10?

Qantas flies a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on its longest routes, such as QF10 from London to Perth. Qantas says that their B787-9 Dreamliner is adapted to feel smoother by reducing turbulence, noise and vibrations.

Is Qantas QF10 Premium Economy worth it?

I flew Qantas QF10 and QF9 in Economy Class and paid a little extra for a bulkhead seat. At the time I booked, the price difference to Premium Economy was $3000 AUD one way. You can get better deals than that for Qantas QF10 by booking ahead. This is a very long flight, so if you have the extra cash and want to fly comfortably, you should definitely upgrade. However, Economy is not bad on Qantas long-haul, so you’ll be alright!

How much does it cost to fly in Business Class/in First Class on Qantas QF10?

The answer varies a little bit depending on availability at the time you want to fly and the level of flexibility you require from your ticket. Using dates for a 2 week return trip during 2024, I found that the cheapest return Business Class ticket from London to Perth was £8,500. The cheapest return First Class ticket from London to Perth was £10,000.

Why is Qantas QF10 Business Class so expensive? Why is Qantas QF10 First Class so expensive?

The answer is the same for both Qantas Business Class and Qantas First Class: they are expensive because they offer so much comfort on such a long flight which is synonymous with being exhausting. If you can sleep well, eat delicious food and be pampered for nearly 18 hours in the air, wouldn’t you do it? Well, the only thing blocking me is the cost of the flights! See the previous FAQ!

What size are the Economy seats in the Qantas Dreamliner?

The Economy seats on a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner have a seat pitch of 32 inches and a width of 17.2 inches.

What is Qantas pet policy for long haul flights?

Qantas does not allow any pets in its cabins, with the exception of service animals on some domestic Australian routes. They advise that anyone wishing to move a pet internationally must use their third party pet travel specialist. Note they will not move certain breeds of dog or certain species in their air cargo. Full details available here.

Where can I find Qantas promo codes?

Generally, lots of voucher websites advertise Qantas promo codes, but most of them don’t work and are just junk. Qantas does offer some discounts, vouchers and promo codes directly on their website and occasionally to Qantas Frequent Flyers. Find out more about Qantas Frequent Flyer here.

What does the name of Australian Airline ‘Qantas’ mean?

Qantas was originally founded in 1920 with the name Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd. When you take the first letter of each word, it spells out the name Qantas.

What does the QF in the flight code QF10 mean? Why the F in QF?

QF is the IATA short code for Qantas. Lots of people think ‘QF’ stands for ‘Qantas Flight’, but it does not. It is simply the code given to Qantas by IATA who govern the short code naming of airlines.

What is the Qantas Staff Travel Contact Number & Qantas Staff Travel Website?

The following information is for the use of Qantas and Jetstar employees only.

The Qantas Staff Travel Website can be found by clicking here (new window).

The Qantas Staff Travel Contact Number is open from 8am-6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time:
* Australia 1300 042 394 or +61 3 8668 8277
* New Zealand: 0800 284 510
* Singapore – 800 852 9510
* Other nations – +61 3 8668 8277

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