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It’s a good idea to get prepared for any upcoming trip you’re planning to Ireland. Whether you’ll base yourself in Dublin, explore the Wild Atlantic Way, or join the craic (fun) at a traditional Irish music session in a rural pub, this list will leave you prepared for Ireland’s varied weather and activities.

My Packing List for Ireland is based on a 7 night stay and is organised under useful headings like clothes, footwear, toiletries, technology, and documents. The list includes items for both men and women.

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What about Irish Weather?

I’m very proud to come from and live in Ireland and, just like visitors, I love our green landscapes, historical sites and unpredictable weather. Even the rain has a certain charm! But pray for sunshine: if you get it, Ireland sparkles like a jewel. Prepare your practical Packing List starting with the long list provided on this page and simply customise it for your needs by anticipating the activities you’ll be booking. For most people, that will include city exploration in Dublin or Galway, as well as scenic locations (hiking the Cliffs of Moher). If you sign up for my newsletter specifically on this page, you’ll get a printable version of the packing list, with handy tick-boxes and space to write in quantities.

Think about Ireland’s maritime climate. Our weather can change rapidly in terms of temperature and rain, so layering is key. Think in terms of layers: a comfy base layer, topped with a fleece or sweater, and a waterproof outer layer, if needed. For shoulder season, include a lightweight puffer jacket. Combine with comfy hiking trousers and shoes and you’re set for most days! I’ve included ideas for packing, both for your journey and for everyday excursions. Don’t forget, you can pick up most anything you forget in an Irish shop.


Footwear & Accessories

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First Aid & Medical



Document Check

Random Necessities

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need waterproof shoes for Ireland?

If your visit to Ireland will involve city tours and some scenic visitor attractions, then hiking shoes are your best footwear. I tend to choose a lightly waterproofed variety, rather than bring rubber boots. Serious hikers will want to bring properly waterproof hiking boots.

Does it get hot in the summer in Ireland?

Weather in Ireland can be changeable all year round, but it’s generally quite mild and in summer, it can get hot in Ireland. It’s a good idea to have summer clothes in your suitcase to take advantage of hotter days. However, my rule of bringing layers remains, as even on a warm day, the evening may be cooler. Between June and August, you may encounter midges, which are small non-dangerous flies or bugs that congregate near water sources and woods. As they do nibble, you’ll want a long sleeved top and long trousers for evenings.

Should I bring my own fan to Ireland? Is there air conditioning in Irish hotels?

This is not a question I expected to answer, but I’ve seen it come up again and again. The concern that some visitors have is that Irish hotels do not have air conditioning units. To some extent that’s true although it is changing somewhat. Let me explain that. Traditionally, Ireland has not had the weather to warrant installing air conditioning units. That has been changing and the last couple of summers saw exceptionally hot temperatures, albeit for short periods. More modern international chain hotels and some independent hotels DO have air conditioning. I call this out in hotel reviews. However, if you get very high temperatures, which is not always likely, most hotels will provide you with a fan in your room. So I don’t think you need to bring your own fan.

Detailed Buying Guide for some Key Items

Travel Adapter

TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter

Versatile charging with 5 USB ports, including 3 x USB-C

Broad plug compatibility for over 150 countries

Compact and easy to stow

Might not support ultra-fast charging for some devices

I believe this travel adapter is a must-have for those who want a fuss-free charging experience in Ireland.

I took this adapter on my last round the world trip, and it is one of my absolute must-haves. I haven’t yet met a country that it doesn’t fit into the local socket and gives me instant access to charge my phone, iPad, cameras and with a pass-through socket for my laptop charger. It’s a complete game changer meaning I don’t need multiple chargers with me.

I think it’s a great size, pretty light and fine to add to your everyday carry. Only downside is that the quick charge works best when nothing else is charging.

View the Tessan Travel Adapter on Amazon
Anker Charger

Anker Portable Charger 20k mAh

Enough charge for multiple charges on phone, cameras, iPad

15W Full-Speed Charging.

Can charge 2 devices simulataneously

Noticeably heavy for its size

I wholeheartedly recommend the Anker PowerCore 20K for anyone needing reliable power on the go.

A decent Anker power bank is a lifesaver. This one is small (if a bit heavy) but its hefty 20,000mAh capacity meant my phone and camera were never at risk of dying, which is a great sense of security if you’re hiking through remote areas.

The unit boasts a two-port system, which allows me to charge both my phone and GoPro simultaneously. This feature was incredibly useful, especially when I’m on the road and want, say) to capture sunrise and sunset shots on the same day and need both devices at full power. Plan ahead to recharge the bank, as it takes quite some time to fill up. You will find cheaper options, but this is widely recognised as one of the best available.

View the Anker Power Bank on Amazon
Columbia Fleece

Columbia Fast Trek II Fleece

Retains warmth effectively without being bulky

Handy zipped pockets keep essentials secure

Looser sleeves provide ease of movement

Not suitable for heavy downpours on its own as it’s not waterproof

I reckon this Colombia fleece is a smart pick for guys needing a snug layer on cooler Irish days.

What I like about this Columbia Fast Trek II Fleece is that you zip it up, and immediately feel cosier in its microfleece fabric. If you get too warm, simply pull down the zip. This is a lighter jacket, which you’ll appreciate on walks.

While the fleece isn’t waterproof, it offers enough protection to keep the chill at bay until any showers have passed. Team this with a waterproof jacket if you expect bad weather. The pockets are handy to guard your mobile against the elements and you’ll feel a bit more secure zipping your valuables in the pockets when you’re in a crowd.

View the Columbia Fast Trek fleece on Amazon
Columbia Rain Jacket

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Rain Jacket 

Exceptionally lightweight and packable, ideal for travel

Stuffs into its own pocket for storage

Breathable fabric for comfort on warm wet days

Wrinkles during storage

A waterproof outer layer is a must for trips to Ireland. This lightweight and packable version will meet the needs of most guys.

The Columbia Men’s Watertight Rain Jacket is a lifesaver for unexpected rain showers. I prefer jackets that don’t add weight to my luggage and this can swap into your day pack with ease. The breathability is a standout feature, preventing that clammy feeling you often get with rain jackets after a long walk.

If you want something that’s totally waterproof, consider upgrading to this Helly Hansen fully waterproof jacket, but expect a higher price outside of sale season. If you’re going from your car for a short hike or to see a cool lighthouse like Fanad Head, the everyday Columbia will work great.

View the Columbia Men’s Watertight II Rain Jacket on Amazon
Osprey Daylite Backpack

Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack 

Compact, light and fits most cabin bag requirements

Mesh side pocket for water bottles,

Zipped side pocket for compact umbrella

Manages with everyday short hikes in rain showers, but not serious wet hiking

Available in a wide range of colours, suitable for any gender, practical, light and is water resistant.

The Osprey Daylite is popular for a reason. It’s ideal for most people as a day pack, fitting 20 litres, while it’s pretty light at a pound (0.54kg) and has serious features like a removable hip belt, laptop sleeve (up to 15inch) and a secure front pocket. Some people might like the 20 litre Osprey Daylight Tote as an alternative.

If you’re a serious hiker and want to be completely prepared for wet weather, try a ‘dry bag’ style waterproof backpack like this earth pak Ultra Dry version. However, my needs are met by the Osprey for shorter treks in anything up to and including showery weather. 

View the Osprey Daylite on Amazon
Fjallraven trekking trousers

Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers

Fjallraven just make the best pants

Light, flexible, perfect for everyday hikes

Wash & dry quickly

Not suitable for the coldest weather

Fjallraven are expensive for a reason.

These trousers are lightweight, cool and comfortable made with a stretch fabric with G-1000 Lite for walks and hikes in spring/summer. The pockets are deep and the leg endings have boathooks and strap adjustments.

I’ve been wearing my own pair of these for 5 years and they’ve worn in beautifully. For something a lot less expensive, try out these Toommett Convertible pants.

View the Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers on Amazon
Merrell Boots

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Gtx

Remarkable comfort straight out of the box

Durable construction that withstands heavy use

Effective waterproofing keeps feet dry

Can run snug with thick socks, consider sizing up if you’re a thick sock person

I’d recommend these boots if reliable, “grippy” boots are what you need for wet weather hikes.

I have walked my share of muddy routes in Ireland, but I can vouch for the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Gtx’s performance. After years of trying to make do with crossover hiking-style sneakers, I went for these, with I understand have a GORE-TEX membrane and Vibram soles, and upped my game for hikes.

I do prefer a thicker sock for hikes, so I went up one size with these boots, but if you wear regular socks with boots, you should be good. In wetter weather, these boots will be unfazed and uphold their waterproof promise. With intense use, you’ll see some tread wear and if you’re on a very long humid hike, the breathability could be slightly better. I think that’s the trade-off of buying waterproof boots, to be honest. Overall an impressive hiking boot.

View the Merrell Moab 2 Boots on Amazon
Columbia powder lite jacket

Columbia Men’s Powder Lite Jacket

Water-resistant and retains heat

Two zippered pockets

Good range of sizes available

Retro vibe might not suit everyone

I know I recommend Columbia a lot, but that’s because jackets like these are well-made and comfortable.

This jacket is perfect for everyday walking and hiking when it’s a bit chilly outside, particularly the Irish shoulder season (April/May and September/October). The outer fabric is water resistant, which is fine for drizzly weather. Use with an outer shell for anything heavier.

View the Columbia Men’s Powder Lite Jacket on Amazon
Compact Umbrella

TechRise Compact Umbrella

One-button auto-open and close feature is incredibly handy

Compact size means it fits easily into a handbag or briefcase. I use a side pocket of my day pack for mine.


Struggles slightly in very strong winds

I’d recommend this umbrella for its convenience and durability, suitable for frequent travellers in need of quick protection from the rain.

Some men, in particular, can be umbrella-refusers. In Ireland, I think that’s a technical flaw! Personally, I prefer a compact umbrella that I can throw in my backpack and keep the heavier showers off me that a waterproof jacket or hooded puffer can’t handle. The TechRise option was new to me but I bought it because it’s small and good at handling higher winds that we sometimes get in Ireland.

There’s a decent grip, the auto-open feature works as intended and it manages most windy conditions. Like any brolly it can turn inside out in a gale. Keep an eye on the closure strap – on an umbrella this small close it carefully to avoid the stitching pulling. But otherwise quick to deploy and very easy to carry, a strong contender.

View the TechRise Compact Umbrella on Amazon
Packing Cubes

Amazon Basics 4 Packing Cubes

Keeps items secure and organised

Highly compact design when not in use.

Material is surprisingly resilient to water

Materials could be more robust

Use these Packing Cubes to streamline the packing process and protect belongings.

In the past couple of years, the price of everyday packing cubes has soared. I’m not entirely sure why. So for my packing list essentials, I’ve tried to balance cost. This is where the Amazon Basics Packing Cubes come in. I like to stay organised, particularly in separating used clothes from fresh ones. Certainly, I’m not exposing the contents of my rucksack to the elements all the time, but when I need to get in to grab another layer from my case, these packing cubes keep everything secure.

View the Packing Cubes on Amazon


I hope you’ve found some useful suggestions in this Packing List for Ireland. The point of my buying guides is to help you narrow down the choices available to a sensible shortlist of essentials. If you’ve got a great rain jacket or boots, pack those. But fill in any gaps in your packing list with my reasonably priced essentials and make the most of what I hope will be a great trip to Ireland.

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