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When you start to search for whether Princess Cruises has a movie theater or cinema on board, you’ll soon find mention of the “Movies under the Stars” concept or MUTS for short! This is how Princess Cruises markets its on board movie theater. And yes, it is entirely outside under the stars!

The MUTS offering is a pretty unique experience for cruisers and, as long as the weather stays cooperative, then it’s something you can enjoy as a solo traveller. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is MUTS?

“Movies Under the Stars” (MUTS) is an outdoor movie experience that takes place on the top deck of Princess Cruises’ ships. Passengers can enjoy a variety of movies on a large screen, all while lounging under the stars.

What movies are shown?

The movies shown on MUTS vary depending on the ship and itinerary, but they typically include recent releases as well as classic films. By recent releases, I mean in the past year or so (usually not movies currently in cinemas).

Princess also makes an effort to show movies that are themed to upcoming destinations. For example, they showed Blue Hawaii the night before we sailed into Honolulu, Hawaii. It makes it a fun experience!

Note: the big screen is used not only for movies, but also for big football games or concerts. If that’s your thing, you can pull up a sun lounger and enjoy yourself.

What’s the experience like?

Movies Under the Stars (MUTS) is an experience that most passengers seem to love. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the outdoor setting adds an element of unique excitement. If it starts to get cool, Deck Attendants bring fresh, warm plaid blankets so you can enjoy the entire show.

What snacks are available?

If you’re watching something during the day, deck attendants can bring you milk and cookies. If it’s in the evening, you get to snack on free popcorn! Depending on which ship you’re on, the screen is over the main swimming pool, and therefore alongside the ice cream stand, the pizza booth, and the hot dog stand (all have complimentary options).

Which ships have MUTS?

MUTS is available on quite a view of Princess Cruises ships, including the Crown Princess, Regal Princess, Grand Princess and Sun Princess.

Note; My most recent cruise with Princess Cruises was on board the Grand Princess, so my experience relates to that ship.

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