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Business Lounge

Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, Wallis Rd, Longford, Hounslow

Highly rated

85 seats

No Dragon Pass (Priority Pass & Lounge Key taken)

Club Aspire Lounge at London Heathrow was high on my list because I have a Priority Pass. I was preparing for my longest ever flight, Qantas QF10 from London to Perth Australia.


Club Aspire makes a lot of the fact that it’s won awards and is highly rated by TripAdvisor. Like most lounges, passengers don’t always feel the same, so I was interested to see what I thought. On paper, this airside business lounge offers clear runway views, a bar, food, a variety of seating and access to a peaceful space even for people like me travelling in economy. Qantas Premium and Business seats (with nice lounge access at Heathrow) were just too expensive on my dates.

After just 10 minutes at Heathrow security, it wasn’t too far to walk through Duty Free. Follow the signs for All Airline Lounges, turn left at Gate 9 and find Club Aspire or Lounge D.

Comfort & Ambience

There are two walk-up lounges in Terminal 3. No1 Lounge has better reviews, but Club Aspire serves wider food options and I wanted to load up ahead of that 17 hour flight to Australia.

Seating in the quieter zone was showing some signs of wear and tear. This was seating designed for solo travellers like me. The seat offered two UK sockets and a place to plug-in to a HDMI monitor. There were also 4 seater areas and these included USB plugs for charging devices.

If you’re intending to work or relax in Club Aspire, you should know that it can get pretty noisy as it’s open plan.

Food & Drink

At breakfast, there was a hot buffet. There were most usual breakfast items, such as sausages, bacon, beans and scrambled eggs. No toast, sadly, but they did have bread rolls and baps/barms. There is also porridge, granola and cereals, as well as vegan sausages for those so inclined

The breakfast offerings are perfectly adequate, the hot buffet offering sausages, bacon, beans and scrambled eggs with bread rolls and baps. No toast, sadly! There is porridge, granola and cereals as well as vegan sausages for those so inclined.

Juices on offer included cranberry, orange, tomato and apple. Nothing was freshly squeezed, but that might be expected.

Although this was breakfast time, the bar did appear to be reasonably well stocked with basic label spirits and one beer.

Water and carbonated drinks are served from fountains, ensuring you can’t slip any freebies into your hand luggage for the trip!!

There are two coffee locations – these don’t make great hot tea – it always seems to taste a bit like coffee!

Facilities & Services

Facilities include free wi-fi, charging points, comfy seats, toilets and showers (those cost more).


While this lounge mightn’t offer the widest range of facilities, its main offering is a comfortable place to get some food and a drink before your flight. If you have lounge access via something like Priority Pass or Lounge Key, it’s well worth visiting. If not, you need to weigh up if the £34.49 pre-booking price is worth it.

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