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When it comes to the question of whether Irish hotels have air conditioning, the answer might surprise many travellers. Unlike warmer destinations where air conditioning is standard, Ireland’s temperate climate has made this amenity largely unnecessary.

Most Irish Hotels do not have air-conditioning

The weather is mostly cool and mild in Ireland for much of the year, which doesn’t warrant installing an entirely separate system for cooling. That means most hotels in Ireland do not have air conditioning. In rare cases of prolonged warm weather, some hotels without air conditioning will provide fans in guest rooms to provide comfort.

How to deal with warmer summers

The summer weather in Ireland has been changing in the last few years. There have been longer periods of hot weather in the summer, which was a little unexpected. Combined with the humidity that Ireland can encounter, some visitors like to bring their own portable fan. I’ve listed some of the popular options below.

Shop Portable Fans (from $13)

If you don’t want to pack a small fan, which is understandable if you’re travelling only with cabin baggage, you can pick up a small fan at most Irish hardware stores. Look out for larger chains such as Woodie’s or B&Q in your area, or there will be an independent hardware shop in many county towns around the country (I prefer to support independent where I can).

Finding Irish hotels with air conditioning

Of course, there are many Irish hotels with air conditioning in guest rooms. This is a feature I call out in all of my reviews and you’ll find my latest articles on where to stay in Ireland here. All decent search engines like Expedia or TripAdvisor will also make this clear. You can expect larger international chains to offer comfort cooling as well as more luxurious independent hotels. Few B&Bs or Airbnbs will have air conditioning.

I hope you find this information helpful. Send me any other questions via the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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