Icelandair BUSINESS (Saga Premium) – LHR-KEF [green list] – Class UP bidding system SUCCESS

Lor’ blimey, this video took a bit of effort to make! I was sitting up late in my Reykjavik hotel room last night tweaking voiceovers and bits of this and soundtracks of that. But I love making these. It’s a lark. Plus:

a. I’m on the road (gotta love that)
b. I am a total nosebag and love to see new places and people
c. I am a sucker for a business class upgrade.

In today’s trip report, I’m on Icelandair travelling from Heathrow to Reykjavik International (or KEF / Keflavik). I’ve flown with them once before and, frankly, they were marvellous that time, and super professional this time. That’s bound to be hard in the time of Covid and when the mask-wearing protocols are so different at either end of your route (UK – OMG, your mask; Iceland – no masks, mostly). Guess which one has the lower numbers.

The boarding was a shocker – it was 29 degrees at Heathrow and everyone was sweating and in a fluster. It took me a while to settle into my seat, but settle in I did. I had a charming fisherman next to me on the flight (not JR Hartley) and he was travelling with some City-type chums to ‘somewhere’. Didn’t know. He was just glad to be out of the house and ordered a gin and slimline to celebrate. We’ve got to get our kicks where we can.

I wanted all the things. Wi-fi didn’t work, but the champagne bottle did. And I didn’t need to drive. Did need a PCR test on arrival though, but let’s not get ahead of it… Anyways, the video link should be showing up just below this paragraph. Here’s a boring bit about subscribing. Hundreds of people watch my videos (I’m DELIGHTED) and not many subscribe. Why, you cry? Cos they think it costs something or they’ll get SPAMMED. On the contrary, it’s free, I won’t spam you and if I get some subscribers, I might get a tiny percentage of the ads we all have to watch. And that means more videos. At no cost! Hurray! So please do it nice people. VIDEO:

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  1. I’m not a video watching type of person unfortunately but I hope you have a wonderful time in Iceland and can report back in writing at the end. Is everything still there? Are the people OK? Is it lovely with fewer tourists?

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