Iceland Golden Circle – Top 3 Things you have to see – Self-Drive with Drone

The Golden Circle is the must-do, gotta-see, one-day, snap-it and go tour of Iceland that buys you moody shots of the seat of this ancient democracy, its roaring falls and a heart-stoppingly unexpected gasp of the geyser, Geysir! (Really, it’s Strokkur, but that’s another story…)

No judgment. Got a day? Do it. You can book a coach trip with any service out of Reykjavik. The fact that all these natural sites are in a similar location, and you get to taste Iceland, is just great. It’s what I did on my first trip and I still am taken aback by the dramatic skies and the memory of the spray from the waterfall. On this much longer trip around Iceland, I still wanted to revisit these areas, but self-drive and because I wanted to get in some drone flying.

Drones in Iceland
Be warned, drone-people! You can’t fly your drone in MOST of the scenic spots of Iceland and it’s clear why… there are too many people, there would be crowds of drones bumping into each other, the hot geyser would swallow your tech, the water spray from the cascade would sfizz your circuitry. So you need to be smart. There’s usually a little scenic car park stop a few miles/clicks before/after the main sites. Get out there, get your drone high and drink in the sensational landscape / rivers / ocean views.

This video gets to the bottom of the Top 3 things I recommend you do on this trip. You know I love to give a written account of my trips, but for this one, there is simply so much to say, that – for once – I think the video says it all. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I’ve done the GC in June and April and it was fascinating to see the differences. Got cancelled in Feb and I would have done it then like a shot otherwise.

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