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If I’m on a long trip to somewhere like Santiago in Chile, which is the other side of the world from Ireland, then I try to stay a bit longer. That means balancing budget against luxury to ensure those extra days are affordable.

I started my visit to Santiago, Chile’s lively capital city, with a stay at the four star Hotel Plaza near Lastarria and Banquedor. That’s a pretty central location near a lot of nice places to eat out. However, I needed to find somewhere for 7 more nights and the one chain hotel that I kept returning to because of value was the Ibis in the district of Providencia in Santiago. Check for current rates here.


Although it’s a cheaper option as a three star hotel, Providencia is a slightly posher neighbourhood than most in Santiago, with more shops and street life than near Hotel Plaza.


The lobby was very clean and fresh and promised much for the rooms above. I was given a room on the 16th floor (top floor), which I came to regret when I experienced a 6.9 earthquake during my stay! It was only later that I read on TripAdvisor: “no-one wants the top floor, they prefer to be on the lower floors because of all the earthquakes”.  

The Room

Like most Ibis hotels, the room was functional and relatively clean, with a large desk along the window. The addition of air conditioning was very welcome.

Being on Level 16 gave me quite the view across Santiago.

Food & Drink

I arrived on a national holiday (Census Day), meaning absolutely everything was shut, including the highly recommended Liguria Restaurant nearby. I went out to double check and I couldn’t even buy water.

The only food option was the Ibis restaurant, which was absolutely jammed and sensory overload. I worked with the one server who was friendly but overworked to find something to eat. This was not what I was expecting, but it filled a gap and what more can you expect?


This being an Ibis, amenities are sparser than some of Accor’s other brands. Wifi was free and unlimited, but not the fastest (the local Starbucks has faster wifi). Here, there was one iron and ironing board for the entire hotel. This is not entirely unusual in some European countries, albeit the first I’d experienced in South America.

Insider Tips

To avoid the risks from earthquakes, make sure to ask for a lower floor when you check in. While anything particularly dangerous is unlikely, it’s better to have access to stairs and a prompt exit. If you’re on a budget, the Ibis Providencia will see you through with little glamour but decent wifi, in a good location.

Check current rates here.

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