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If you’re here, you might be asking “can I order from Amazon in Spain?” Yes, you can! If you’re an English-speaking expat in Spain, simply staying for a while, or living in neighbouring Portugal, (Amazon Spain) is a go-to for many shopping needs. One major challenge faced by English speakers is how best to navigate Amazon Spain in English. Worry not! There are some user friendly ways to translate the website and get your hands on the bits you want. Just follow the advice on this page.

Once you understand there’s no (Amazon Portugal), that makes Amazon Spain a popular choice for English speakers in Portugal too. Many of us might brave the Spanish interface using our limited Spanish or wing it using another Romance language, but it’s just simpler to have the platform in English. It’s worth using this workaround to navigate in English. Once you’ve read the translation guide, check out the FAQs for other hot tips on using Amazon Spain such as whether your Amazon Prime benefits come across with you.

Turn into English with just a browser

Many modern web browsers have made it incredibly simple to translate entire web pages on-the-fly. This is easiest to do using a desktop browser, but not impossible on an iPad. Here’s a step by step guide for some of the more popular browsers:

For Chrome Browser Users

  1. Navigate to in a new Chrome window.
  2. Spot the Google Translate icon in the address bar (usually to the right).
  3. Select “Always translate Spanish.”

And voila! Chrome translates the entire Spanish Amazon page into English, making your shopping experience a breeze, right through the process until checkout and delivery.

For Microsoft Edge Users

  1. The latest updated version of Microsoft Edge has a built-in Translator.
  2. If it does not appear automatically, you may need to download the Translator for Microsoft Edge app.
  3. Visit using Edge.
  4. Click on the Translator icon in the address bar.
  5. Opt for “Translate to English.”
  6. Click on Translate

Your Amazon Spain page will promptly display in English.

For Firefox Aficionados

  1. The latest version of Firefox has a BETA (test version) of a built-in translator
  2. If you don’t have that version, you may need to install the S3.Translator add-on.
  3. Head over to in Firefox.
  4. Choose to translate from Spanish to English and then click on “Translate”

Your browsing session on Amazon Spain will now be in English and you can buy what you like.

Alternative Browser or Mobile Device?

Should you find yourself on a different browser, such as Opera, or perhaps a mobile device, there’s a quick workaround: Simply copy the URL link of the Amazon Spain page or item you’re on and paste it into Google Translate. Selecting the translation will give you an English version of the page.

Your Amazon Spain Experiences

Have you browsed the aisles of Amazon Spain in English? Do you have any other savvy tech tips for translating or smoother online shopping experiences? I’d love to hear from you. Drop your tips and experiences in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my UK account to login to Amazon Spain?

Yes, but… Yes, you can visit and use your UK details to login. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, you can change the country to Spain (or Portugal, for example) and go ahead and use the website or app in ‘full’. The ‘but’ part is that you may pay more for certain ‘non-tangible’ items or downloads by switching to, such as papers or Kindle ebooks in English.

Does my Amazon Prime work in Spain?

If you use Amazon Prime for delivery in your home country, you do not get the speedy delivery privileges in another country. If you use Amazon Prime for video content, you will get only the “while travelling” Prime Video when you’re out of your country. You should be investigating a VPN service in that case, so you can still watch ALL the videos when you’re abroad.

Can I get Amazon Prime in Spain?

If you live and have a permanent address and credit card in Spain, then by all means you can get Amazon Prime on

What is the Amazon site for Spain? What is the Amazon site for Portugal

The Amazon site for Spain is There is no site, so people living in Portugal can use also (or other European Amazon sites).

Note: if you click on the link on this page while NOT in Spain, Amazon will automatically redirect you to your local Amazon page. However, if you’re in Spain, it’ll bring you to the front page.

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