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Gdańsk City is fast becoming one of the coolest cities to visit in Europe. The reason is clear: it’s a classic mix of traditional architecture with design-forward accommodation. Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN) is situated around 16km (10 miles) northwest of downtown Gdańsk. So how do you get from Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN) to Gdańsk city centre?

Taxi at Gdańsk Airport

  • Description: Neptun Taxi is the official airport taxi brand, with a rank right outside arrivals. Look for the 196-86 logo. Any other taxi company in the city can be pre-booked, but they will be parked at the Kiss & Fly location (follow signs) which is next to the Neptun Rank.
  • Cost: The usual fee is around 55-70 PLN (€13-17). It will cost more at night and at the weekend.
  • Time: The ride to Gdańsk city centre takes about 15-20 minutes. Slower at rush hour. A ride to the nearby cities of Sopot or Gdynia takes 25 minutes from Gdańsk airport.
  • Frequency: You can pre-book or take your chances at the rank.
  • Location at Airport: Outside the arrivals hall at the Neptun Taxi Rank.
  • Tips: On your return to the airport, every taxi or shuttle will drop you at the Kiss & Fly area.

Uber or Bolt at Gdańsk Airport

  • Description: Rideshare apps are widely used in Poland, and both Uber and Bolt function well at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN). You may be able to prebook, but most riders say it’s best to simply order your ride using the app when you’ve arrived and collected any checked luggage.
  • Cost: The usual Uber is around 42-55 PLN (€9.75-13). Prices do surge frequently.
  • Time: The ride to Gdańsk city centrę take about 15-20 minutes, slower during rush hour. To get to Sopot or Gdynia will take around 25 minutes.
  • Frequency: Book in the app when you’ve collected all your checked luggage.
  • Location at Airport: Pick-up at the Kiss & Fly area next to the Neptun Taxi Rank.
  • Tips: Rideshare prices have increased in recent years, as have complaints about erratic driving by a minority of drivers. Some local guides suggest paying a little extra to ride with a more reputable taxi company.

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If your hotel offers a (paid) airport shuttle, the driver will wait for you with a sign inside the terminal, or outside at the Kiss & Fly area.

Trains at Gdańsk Airport

  • Description: There are regular trains from the Airport Station, but you’ll need to do some working out as not every journey is a ‘straight shot’ to the city centre. There’s 4 routes: you’re looking for Gdańsk Glowny station for Gdańsk downtown. That will either be a direct hourly service OR transfer trains at Gdansk Wrzeszcz (a smaller station) which offers a more frequent service.
  • Cost: Single ticket is 6.50 PLN (€1.50). You may be able to buy a discounted ticket (Bilet miejski) for 3.50 PLN. Buy tickets from ticket machines on the platforms, or from the train manager on the trains. Machines are easier and, if you’re transferring, you can buy a single ticket to cover both parts of your trip.
  • Time: 25-45 minutes to Gdańsk city centre.
  • Frequency: Every 30 minutes.
  • Location at Airport: The train station is right at Terminal T2, via a connecting bridge at the far left corner of the arrivals hall after baggage claim.
  • Tips: You may need to validate your ticket, check the signs at the station on how to do this. Confusing point: The train company (PKM) and fare company (SKM) are separate, so if you’re searching for information online, start with timetables on PKM’s site.

Public Bus

  • Description: Public bus line 210 leaves from Gdańsk Airport at regular 30m intervals to the city centre, but less frequently at weekends and on public holidays. The route runs from 4am to 10pm. Other buses stop at the airport for routes to different areas (110, 122, N3).
  • Cost: Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at the airport bus station, and the cost for a single journey is 4.80 PLN (€1.10). The night bus is 5-5.5 PLN. You can pay using coins or a credit card.
  • Time: The bus takes 45 minutes to reach the main railway station of Gdansk (Dworzec Glówny)
  • Frequency: Every 30 minutes on weekdays. Every 60 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • Location at Airport: Most buses stop at the terminal exits. There is also a bus parking lot about 50m walk from the terminal door.
  • Tips: Make sure you get on in the direction of the train station (Gdańsk Glówny) as the bus continues to a suburb of Gdańsk in the other direction! Also be prepared to wait at busy times (especially when multiple flights have arrived at the same time at weekends).
Bus Website

Shuttle & Minibus

  • Description: The only shuttle services from Gdańsk Airport to the city centre are pre-arranged services organised by some hotels to collect you (or groups) from the airport.
  • Minibus: a number of Minibus companies service locations around Gdańsk Airport. If you’re looking for a neighbouring area, NOT Gdańsk city centre, then find the full list at the bottom of this airport-related website.

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Conclusion: Easiest Way to get from Gdańsk Airport to Downtown

The easiest way to get from Gdańsk Airport to downtown is to take a taxi with a reputable company.

The cheapest way to transfer from Gdańsk Airport to downtown is undoubtedly the bus. Be prepared to queue if it’s busy. The train seems like a fantastic option, but if I just want to get to my hotel, I don’t want to transfer and wait around. If only that route was always direct, I think it would be used way more. If you enjoyed this, please share!

Gdańsk Airport Ground Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Is there car rental at Gdańsk Airport?

Yes, of course. All the main car rental brands are represented at Gdańsk Airport. The rental desks are all right inside the terminal on the ground floor. I tend to use a price comparison service like to find the best prices.

Is car rental advisable in Gdańsk or nearby cities like Sopot or Gdynia?

If you are staying in a popular city centre location and not wandering too far, it may make better sense to take public transit to your hotel and manage using only taxis or ride shares. If you hire a car, you’ll have to find parking, sometimes on narrow city streets, which can be problematic if you’re unfamiliar with the city layout. Of course, if you have places to visit or require a car for mobility purposes, there is public parking on the fringes of popular pedestrianised areas in Gdańsk.

What is the cheapest way to get from Gdańsk Airport to downtown?

Bus is the cheapest way to get from Gdańsk Airport to city centre. Take bus line 210 – a single ticket costs 4.80 PLN, which €1.10.

If you have a Ground Transportation question that was NOT answered on this post, add a comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

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