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This article deals with how to get from AEP or Aeroparque Jorge Newbery to Buenos Aires using ground transportation. If you’re flying into EZE (Ezeiza) Airport, read this article on how to get from EZE to downtown Buenos Aires.

Taxi from AEP to Buenos Aires

AEP (Jorge Newbery Airport) is located around 9 kilometres or 6 miles from the centre of Buenos Aires. The journey takes between 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.
Read my advice on how *I think* you should travel into the city, at the end of this article.

The typical cost of a taxi from AEP to Microcentro is $10 USD.

Pre-booked Private transfers to/from AEP Aeroparque Airport

The typical cost of a private transfer with this link from AEP to downtown Buenos Aires is $18 USD one way.

  • Private car with professional driver
  • Driver will help with bags
  • Up to 3 people included
  • Pickup at AEP Aeroparque on arrival. Pickup from most downtown Buenos Aires properties on return.

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Remis: About private transfers on arrival

A remis is a private transfer by car from the airport to your destination. It’s similar to a taxi, but a remis has to be pre-booked and often pre-paid. The cars don’t have a distinguishing colour or sign, don’t use a meter and can’t stop on a street to pick up passengers. You have to book online, by phone or at a remisería. A lot of people use Tienda Leon, but there are others.

The typical cost of a remis from AEP to Recoleta is $12-15 USD.

My remis experience from AEP to Buenos Aires

I used a “Remis” service called Tienda León, which is a bit like a private limousine service in a regular car.

I had read about the brand and was comfortable using it. The arrival process was bureaucratic. At the desk, you provide your name, passport and credit card. As drivers come free, they stop by to collect the next person who has been processed. It took about 10 minutes once my details had been provided. Don’t expect the driver to take your bag.

Before long, you’ll be rolling through the streets of Buenos Aires, admiring the fabulous architecture and planning your next outing!

Should I take a Taxi or Remis in Buenos Aires?

Great question. There are pros and cons. A remis is usually more expensive than a taxi. A remis from EZE to Microcentro will cost around $30 USD during the day vs $25 USD for a taxi. Both a taxi and a remis are a door-to-door service and taxis are more convenient – you just show up and go. However, in Buenos Aires, taxi scams happen regularly and it’s a bit difficult to distinguish an unofficial taxi from a professional operator. Plus there is no set price with a taxi (there is with a remis) and Buenos Aires traffic can easily increase your fare, which will usually only be payable in cash.

Buenos Aires Information

Buenos Aires has a population of 15 million and is the second biggest city in South America. Most visitors and tourists stay in well-known neighbourhoods, such as Microcentro, where the main shopping streets and hotels are located. Nearby tourist-friendly districts include Recoleta, Palermo, Retiro and San Telmo.

Compare the prices for three levels of typical ‘Microcentro’ hotels in upscale districts below.

Hotels in Central Buenos Aires



Stunning 5* in heritage district

Compare Prices



Chic Boutique Hotel

Compare Prices

Best Value


Great price for top notch service

Compare Prices

Can I use Uber or Cabify at AEP Buenos Aires Airport?

Uber (and Cabify) work pretty well at AEP and in Buenos Aires, despite the fact that Uber was once illegal in the city (until 2020). Like any taxi or car service, maintain vigilance and make sure you can follow the route you anticipate traveling in Maps or Google Maps. It’s good advice to wait until you have all your bags and have been through Immigration & Customs before you order your ride. Depending on where you arrive (and the door you exit the arrivals hall), the pickup should be within a couple of hundred metres. The pick-up point can change *slightly* from time to time, so check the directions in your rideshare app carefully to make sure you go to the right spot.

The typical cost of a rideshare from AEP to downtown Buenos Aires is $10 USD.

Shuttle from AEP to downtown Buenos Aires

One of the most popular ways to transfer to downtown Buenos Aires from AEP is the Tienda Leon shuttle bus. They are the only provider. Tienda Leon shuttle buses depart around hourly from AEP to Terminal Madero in the city centre. You can pick up the bus outside the Arrivals Hall. The buses are comfortable but *very popular* so you could easily have to line up for the next one (an hour later). You can take one piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage. Expect to pay around $5,500 ARS or $6 USD one way. Buy a ticket at the Tienda Leon kiosk, in either Sector A1 or A2 in Arrivals, Ground Floor at the ‘Public Sector’.

The typical cost of a shuttle bus from AEP (Aeroparque) to Microcentro is $6 USD.

Shuttle between AEP and EZE Airports

The best way to take a shuttle between AEP and EZE Airports is the Tienda Leon Bus. It departs every 45 minutes at busy times, every 1 hour at other times and has no trips between 0215 and 0630. The EZE-AEP shuttle takes 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs $11,000 ARS one way, or roughly $13 USD. Get more information here.

The shuttle bus between EZE (Ezeiza) to AEP (Aeroparque) is $13 USD.

Bus from AEP to Buenos Aires

Buses depart from right in front of the arrivals terminal at AEP. You will see two stops. For the city centre or Microcentro, make sure to use either Linea 33 or Linea 45.

The typical cost of a bus from AEP (Aeroparque) to downtown Buenos Aires is $0.75 USD.

Your journey to Buenos Aires city centre will take around 45 minutes.

Plaza Italia: Connections between the Bus and Subte (Metro) from AEP

Three other bus routes depart from the airport. Linea 37 and Linea 160 go to the Palermo area. If you need to get to the Metro service, called the Subte, take either of these lines to Plaza Italia and transfer to the Subte station. That bus journey takes around 20 minutes.

How to buy bus tickets for Buenos Aires at AEP Airport – SUBE Card

If you want to take public transport in Buenos Aires, buy a SUBE Card. Typically, you can buy the SUBE Card at any Subte station. There isn’t one at the airport, of course, but the SUBE Card is available from Open 25 kiosks at AEP Airport (known as “kioskos”). The kiosks sell confectionary and tobacco, so you can’t miss them.

The SUBE card costs ARS $490 and you have to charge it up with money. There are two locations at the airport where you can do this, using a regular credit card. Put on sufficient money for the first few days of your trip and you can then top up at numerous kioskos or Subte stations around the city. To help you gauge, the cost of a typical journey is between ARS $35 and $45 by bus. A subway journey using the SUBE Card costs ARS $58 per journey.

Do: Get on the bus via the front door so your SUBE card can be charged. The back doors are for getting off the bus.
Don’t: Have phones, cameras and cash on show as bus rides are notorious for pick-pockets.

The Subte Buenos Aires Transport website is very helpful and provides details of where to charge your SUBE Card. Note that it is in Spanish only.

Is it Safe on Buenos Aires Public Transport from AEP Airport?

In short, not always. “Unofficial” drivers might take a circuitous route, give you counterfeit change, overcharge. On buses, are you safe after dark or are your bags safe? Concerns are valid, but keep a perspective.

Buenos Aires is a big city and, like most big cities, you’ve got to watch yourself. For example, Buenos Aires has a reputation for distraction scams (often involving women). The infamous “mustard scam” involves a person appearing to help you to remove mustard or ketchup from your outfit, while another person robs you. Politely don’t get involved and move away from anyone who approaches you.

Like any big city, take care of you and your possessions on Buenos Aires public transport. Don’t carry or show large amounts of cash in one place. Spread out your valuables. Don’t leave bags unattended.

My advice: Take a Remis or Uber from AEP (Aeroparque) Airport to downtown Buenos Aires

For my own safety, I always pre-book a private transfer from an official airport provider to my hotel, despite the fact I love using public transport. The transfer with all your stuff from an airport to a hotel or hostel is a moment of significant vulnerability as a traveller. Take care of yourself and budget for the service.

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Buenos Aires AEP (Aeroparque) / Jorge Newbery Airport Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive at AEP Airport?

At the moment, you should arrive 2 hours ahead of a short haul airport and 3 hours before a long haul airport.

What is the time difference at AEP Airport?

Buenos Aires Airport is 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (New York) and 3 hours behind London. So when it’s 6pm in Buenos Aires, it’s 4pm in New York and 9pm in London.

What is the address of Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport AEP?

The address of AEP is: Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado s/n, C1425 CABA, Argentina.

What is the Buenos Aires Airport Code?

There are two airports in Buenos Aires. The code for Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport is AEP. The code for Ezeiza International Airport is EZE

How much is a taxi from AEP to Buenos Aires? How much for a taxi to Recoleta or Palermo?

A taxi from AEP to Buenos Aires will cost roughly $10-15 USD. That’s if you ride with a reputable provider, during the day with regular traffic. Read this AEP to Buenos Aires article for travel advice. For EZE to Buenos Aires advice click here.

Which airport should I fly into Buenos Aires? I can book a flight to either AEP or EZE?

Assuming that Buenos Aires is your final destination on this flight, and if you have a choice, you should choose AEP airport. It’s got fewer international flights, but is much closer to Buenos Aires downtown, making for cheaper and faster transfers. Plus customs and immigration should be much faster. However, if you need connections or frequency on your route, choose EZE which is the main international airport.

Is there a train to AEP AeroparqueAirport? Is there a metro to AEP Aeroparque Airport?

Sadly there is no train or metro that connects Buenos Aires to AEP Aeroparque Airport. You can choose from taxi, remis, private transfer, Uber, Cabify, public bus or shuttle bus.

What is the time difference at EZE Airport?

Buenos Aires Airport is 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (New York) and 3 hours behind London. So when it’s 6pm in Buenos Aires, it’s 4pm in New York and 9pm in London.

What is the Buenos Aires Airport Code?

There are two airports in Buenos Aires. The code for Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport is AEP. The code for Ezeiza International Airport is EZE.

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