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Gregan’s Geosite is a suggested viewpoint on the Wild Atlantic Way not far from Galway City near Ballyvaughan and en route to the Cliffs of Moher. It’s a stop which you can pause at, where the road begins to wind around a number of hairpin turns. The route is called Corkscrew Hill at this point.

Gregan’s Geosite is a beautiful place to pause in your journey along the Wild Atlantic Way to take in some scenery and enjoy the beauty of this part of Ireland.

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Gregan’s Geosite & Corkscrew Hill

Gragan East, Co. Clare, Ireland

Coordinates: 53.07078, -9.18909

Hairpin bends, beautiful scenery

Hard to stop if you’re in traffic

Open year round

Amazing Viewpoints

Gregan’s Geosite – What is it?

The view is really gorgeous and if you get lucky with the weather, as I did, you can see for miles towards the sea.


This part of Galway is called ‘The Burren’. In the area, there are nine Geosites that you can visit. A Geosite is an area of geological significance. Here in the Burren, there are a series of places which might have standalone visitor experiences, or at least interpretation information, such as here at Gregan’s Geosite.

Gregan’s Geosite

This particular geosite is the natural amphitheatre that you see as you gaze down the valley. The term ‘Gregan’ here relates to the Irish for ‘rock’ or ‘rocky’ (place).

Gregan’s Instagram Frame!

If nothing else, the rust red ‘frame’ provided by the creators of this viewpoint makes for a fun way to interact with the ancient landscape, and so it’s worth a few minutes of anyone’s time to get a cool snap for Instagram. Do you follow me on Instagram already? If not, click here and give me a wee follow 🙂 By the way, the rust red finish ties in with the branding of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Layout & Surfaces

The viewpoint is at the side of the road at Corkscrew Hill. It is a tarmac parking area suitable for 2-3 cars or a campervan and there are no toilet or other facilities.

Insider Tips

  • Take your time as you drive up (or down) Corkscrew Hill and find the area that you can pull in to take photographs.
  • There are no toilets or facilities here, it’s simply a beautiful place to stop and admire the geo site.

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