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Margaret River is a small town south of Perth in Western Australia, famous for the food scene in town and the many excellent vineyards in the surrounding countryside. Because it’s popular, it can be difficult to find a good quality place to stay at a reasonable price. I tried out the Margaret River Motel and this is my review.

Sometimes being on a budget works out well if the local hotel market tries to cater for quality at every price point. Margaret River is just so popular that even ‘meh’ properties know how to charge.


Check-in Process

I booked the Margaret River Motel at the less expensive end of the spectrum. Coming from Ireland, motels are more something we experience in American movies. This Australian version is the real deal: a central check-in area with long terraces of single-storey motel rooms, each with its own parking space on one side of the building, and a view on to a shared tennis court. I had Room 12.

Room 12 at the Margaret River Motel

The Room

On entering the room, the overwhelming feeling is of dark wood. On the positive side, there’s a small prep kitchen with enough space for a fridge and to make a cuppa.

Small kitchen at the Margaret River Motel

The bed had crisp white linens, although no headboard (which I’d prefer to have). There’s heaps of storage, so if you’re staying in the area for a few days, this is useful.

Crisply made white linen on the bed

Seating Area

The Margaret River Motel rooms all feature a seating area. In this case, it was a traditional leather sofa, which might not fit the motel’s aesthetic but has the benefit of being comfortable and easy to clean, I guess.

Leather sofa


The bathroom is basic but did have everything that was needed, including some decent quality products.

Bathroom at the Margaret River Motel

There was a wide range of products.

Basic Earth products

The shower pressure was just perfect and there was lots of hot water.

Shower in my room


There is a door to the shared tennis court area and I was thrilled there was a small table and chairs out there so I could sit outside in the evening.

Exterior seating at the Margaret River Motel


Sadly the tennis court has seen better days. This is the kind of amenity that should be relatively straightforward for the owners to fix with a bit of paint.

Tennis Court at the Margaret River Motel

As I was about a week into my trip in Western Australia, I was ready to get some laundry done.  Happily, there is a laundry on site and I was able to get change and powder at the reception area.

Laundry at the Margaret River Motel

Just one of each (washer/dryer) was available but no-one else was around.

Washing at the Margaret River Motel

The Swimming Pool

The Margaret River Motel rightly makes much of its swimming pool. Compared to the tennis court, this was well-maintained. It’s located to the front of the campus and is quite small, but perfect for kids or to cool off if you’re getting a hot day in Margaret River.

Swimming pool at the Margaret River Motel


A lot of attention had been paid to the landscaping at the front of the rooms and this gave a really nicely groomed experience on that side of the buildings. If this is representative of a wider upgrade being carried out at the motel, then it bodes well for this property.

Landscaping at the Margaret River Motel

Each room is named after a wine, but sadly, no taster pack had been left for me to try!

Motel Room door


The Margaret River Motel was a property mid-refurbishment during my stay there and the efforts being made will really result in a lovely property. All the cool restaurants in town are within a close walk. I enjoyed Morries and the Arc of Iris. Margaret River was one of my Must Visit locations in Western Australia and is the perfect spot for a weekend stay that gets you out of Perth for a bit. Check out the Margaret River Motel when you’re going and you might just get a good value trip.


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