Unexpected Foods: Chile

You all know I'm up for photographing some unusual foods. Chile didn't let me down!


Fancy some wafers flavoured with Bits?


I did buy these and they were lovely!


I'm sure you can buy this Absolut Pears anywhere. Has anyone tried it yet?


Is this a case of least said, soonest mended?  Side effects not specified on the packet!


I found my favourite ever Doritos in South Africa – sweet hot chilli flavour! Mmm!

Not sure that Cheese Burger flavour was very appealing (hup!)


I did find the elusive tonic, though! Now I needed some gin, which they didn't sell.  Sigh.


Indeed.  All natural Ades by the litre.


And these weren't odd, but I wasn't allowed to buy one.  I packaged it up and brought it to the cash register, but because I hadn't stood in a queue and asked a special person to price it, it couldn't be bought. And so it wasn't.  My waistline was grateful 🙂