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Fishaways Johannesburg: When you’re travelling the world (and writing about it), it can look like I get to eat out in fancy restaurants all the time! But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Long term travel means compromises to keep things affordable. Sometimes I eat breakfast in my hotel room (either a protein bar and coffee or, if there is a mini fridge, some cereal in a glass!).  If I do spend more, it will be on a nice lunch or dinner, leaving the other main meal as something less costly.

Fishaways Johannesburg: Sandton City

So it was that I became good friends with the Food Court in Sandton City in Johannesburg, South Africa.  There’s a pretty good range of fast food options, including the usual suspects of a Chinese buffet and sushi (I struggle to trust sushi in a food court).

Some of the eateries are familiar international chains such as Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon (I was quite envious as neither were in the UK and Ireland at the time I visited – Krispy Kreme now has outlets all over my corner of the world!).

My favourite option was Fishaways, but not because of (or despite) the fact they serve all their food in polystyrene fish-shaped packaging!! I visited in 2017, so I hope they are using something less ecologically throwaway by now. Rather their unique selling point is either grilled or fried fish with fries or salad.  It’s really straightforward… pick your fish and your sides. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want.

The Food

The option below was grilled hake with rice and coleslaw.  

I don’t think Fishaways will win too many awards for presentation. Their customer service was also hit or miss. However, this is a high volume fast food place which manages to produce a healthy and palatable meal at an affordable price. If the alternative is usually high-fat burgers with fries, well then Fishaways might be on to a winner.

To see a more high-end restaurant nearby, read about The Big Mouth.

Visit Cumaná

  • Rodríguez Peña 1149, C1020 CABA, Argentina
  • 4813-5360
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  • Reservations are advisable for later dining

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