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The Amex Executive Lounge at São Paulo Airport T3 is located after Security in Terminal 3 and is worth using if you get free access (otherwise door prices are steep).

Business Class (Air France, Alitalia, Emirates, KLM, Qatar).
Cards: ELO, Amex, Diners Club
Passes accepted outside 4-10pm: Lounge Club, Lounge Key, Lounge Pass, Priority Pass
Pay: $70 USD (from 12pm-12am); $50 USD otherwise; $20 shower only

Lounge Facilities

The Amex Executive Lounge at São Paulo Airport T3 includes food and drinks, free wi-fi, bathrooms, showers (with towels) and reading material.

Layout & Seating at Amex Executive Lounge at São Paulo Airport T3

Why did I pick the Amex Executive Lounge? My flight from Johannesburg to São Paulo was due to land at 5.45am but arrived almost 2 hours early. The only lounge available was the Amex Executive Lounge and even then, it closed at 5am.

This big lounge sprawls in every direction. There are lots of different kinds of seating area – workspaces, comfy chairs, small dining tables.  It’s on a floor which is ALL lounges.

If you need a practical space to work, those high tables are ready for you. However, at 4.15am, all I wanted was a snack and a coffee!

Food & Drinks at Amex Executive Lounge at São Paulo Airport T3

The hot food options start to run out right before closing. All the same, I was impressed that the staff kept salad and fruit items available.

Some bread options were available, including a ham and cheese brioche, as well as these interesting linseed rolls with carrot paste.

There were two coffee docks, with only one working.  There was no line, so I got my cappuccino right away!

To eat, I chose two warm pastries.  One was stuffed with chicken and the other with a bacon and vegetable paste. They were tasty.

Overall Impression

As I was transferring to another flight, from São Paulo to Buenos Aires, this lounge offered an opportunity to rehydrate and get a snack, away from the busier parts of the airport. The bathrooms were clean and well-maintained and, although I barely got 45 minutes in there, this would be a comfortable place to get some work done ahead of a flight.

At 5am, everyone was asked to leave when the last flight to Dubai with Qatar was called. Having access via a lounge pass, even if it is limited here at certain times, is well worth it given the high entrance cost. Find directions and further details here.

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