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People kept saying ‘go to El Ateneo’ and I kept ignoring them. It’s a bookshop. I like bookshops. But since I implemented hand luggage only rule, there were a million other places to go.  However, it started to rain in BA, more it started to RAIN and I needed to get out of the room and not go far. I Googled the trusty El Ateneo and it was only 3 blocks away.

It was easy to find. but it was pouring down. Tropical drama.  I donned my trusty Patagonia raincoat (can I tell you how brilliant it is and water repellent?) and soaked every other morsel of clothing I was wearing, but my shoulders were dry. Success!

The dome of this former theatre remains as beautiful and nicely lit as in its former life.

The bookshop occupies the theatre space without entirely losing the drama factor.

It’s laid out in typical bookstore fashion – the higher you go, the more ‘niche’ the products.

It was so humid inside because everyone was soaked and I didn’t entirely escape!

Just gorgeous!

I loved that the original lighting was still in use (and if it wasn’t original, it looked pretty original!).

It’s worth a visit! There was very little in English and my Spanish isn’t good enough to warrant buying a novel.  However, there was a small selection of notebooks, paper and pens but I did think they were expensive compared to, say, Paperchase in London or Belfast or Hodges Figgis / Easons in Dublin.

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