Hains & Co, Adelaide: refreshingly hip for drinks

Here’s a quickie post! Just before meeting my old chum, Toby, on our visit to Apothecary in Adelaide, we arranged to meet up for a beveranda at a hip and happening bar in a formerly unattractive quarter of Adelaide, made over for the purpose.  I was a bit early and got chatting to the bar staff.  The place was quiet, bar a group of banker-types vaping outside in the dying embers of the sunshine.


Inside, I found a corner and ordered a gin and tonic.  I was enjoying my choice but spotted this interesting looking bottle behind the bar.


“What’s that?”, I said to my new hipster friend behind the bar. “Haven’t you tried it?” he said, handing me the bottle so I could read the label.  “It’s made near here and it’s delicious”.  I made to hand back the bottle, but he produced a tasting glass to let me try it, opening a fresh bottle and splashing out a generous snifter of Applewood for me to swirl and sample.  “It’s delicous” and it was – full of complexity and full-on flavours that would sit well with citrus or apple or cucumber.


He left the bottle on the table, should I wish to try another splash or share it with my friend.  I thought to myself, “that’s not something I’ve ever seen before”.  I wasn’t tempted to put it in my rucksack, but do wish I’d bought myself a bottle to take home.

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