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One of my favourite things in a new town is to wander around with a camera. I couldn’t quite believe how quiet Downtown Darwin was nor how much diversity was on show.

Perhaps Pride was taking place around my visit, but this huge rainbow flag made a friendly statement for LGBTQ+ visitors.

At the end of Knuckey Street, where I was staying on at the Rydges Darwin Central Hotel, was the grand-sounding Esplanade, which sounds like a delightful walkway along the harbourside. However, because of the threat of saltwater crocodiles (I expect), the actual waterfront was behind some bushes and a sturdy wall!

The beach and water looks welcoming even from afar. The turquoise water is deceptively inviting, I think I’ll stay out of it!

It was 35 degrees Celsius as I wandered about downtown Darwin.  It’s a nice small city, very easy to get around, but is like a regional UK town that’s been relocated to a monsoonal climate.  By that I mean, there are a lot of small-town shopping arcades, a lot of closed shops, quite a few charity shops – all signifiers of a town that is ticking along but perhaps not thriving. Whether that’s true of Darwin or not, I’m not sure.

Earlier on the Australian trip, I was surprised to find Raspberry Maltesers and Honeycomb Maltesers – well, Darwin appeared to have its very own flavour – Mint!  I didn’t try these as I was in the shop only for water!

Oh, and another new flavour (to me) of M&Ms – strawberries and cream!  The last new one I saw (in California), I bought – caramel.  Those were not at all to my taste so I left the strawberry and cream ones on the shelf!

Thank goodness for that hat! As anyone will tell you, I’m not the most fond of excessive (humid) heat, and the hat saved my face from burning.

Meanwhile, from my window at the Rydges Hotel Darwin Central, the local gay club was thriving. A little rainbow joy to light up the darkness!

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