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Walkabouts take on a different, more subtle, hue in the evenings.  I like any walkabout that ends in a snack, a delicious drink, or lunch!  So yes, you’ll find me doing lunchtime and evening walkabouts!

Near St George’s Cathedral is an installation of public art, our dear cousins-in-law, the kangaroos!


This bloke looks pretty narky.


This lot are making a run for it.  Run, Sheila!


Do you think he spotted me?!


This park – which is at the Supreme Court buildings – is just a stunner.  I love trees and these looked like a pretty special selection – regrets not trying to find a wee plaque.


I’ve been thinking of scenes that I can draw (I’m trying to learn how to use charcoals and acrylics) and I think this picture is pretty special.


Actually, this could work too!  I’m sure this is a place with a complex social history, as it’s where major decisions are passed down and opinions formed, and here I am treating it as a sketch.  But that’s how life goes, isn’t it? There is a lot of seriousness for all of us to encounter, but in the moments of levity and joy we find humanity.


This was a crazy tree (everyone was crowded round and photographing it).  It was only when I came to write up this post that I spotted the juxtaposition of the skyscraper in the background.


My path led me to the Elizabeth Quay area of Perth – this view is away from the Swan River and towards the CBD (central business district).


It’s quite compact from this view, isn’t it?  Perth is eminently easy to get around on foot.


Enough of the view yet? Why not have one more with meself?!


To be honest, while the Swan River is charming, from here it’s relatively featureless, the view is all towards the city.


Okay, back to the CBD!! Yes, I took a lot of photos, but if it was all essays, you’d be flinging things at me, saying ‘Showuz a pictur, matey!’


I love an angular pic!


This bridge along Elizabeth Quay is like a big set of eyelids slowly batting. It frames things nicely!


Sure there had to be one! I’m now wondering if I had my Factor 50 on or not as I’m looking a bit red around the gills.


At first, I wasn’t sure what this sculpture was about, but the plaque said it was a traditional Aboriginal representation of the idea of ‘journey’. At least, that’s what my memory tells me and we all know I have a good memory (*cough, no clue).


One of the rare pictures of me with a ‘bird’ (guffaw).


I settled back in the shade near the Quay ferry station with an iced mocha.  So much for the diet!


I liked where I was sitting, on this Valentines Day (it does take me a few days to write up all my blogs) and so I pulled out my little notebook and some charcoal and had a go.


I am NO artist and this is my first attempt at doing a 20-minute sketch.  I enjoyed the process and surely practice will help!!


Look at this chap on his way to meet his love, a gift in his right hand and the roses flung over his shoulder.  I hope his evening went well!

Love from Australia,

Patrick xo

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