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If you’ve read about Emirates first class flights (or watched the copious YouTube videos about them), you’ll know that the sheer amount of amenities and luxury seems to cost a huge amount of cash or points and miles. I never thought that I’d experience that kind of luxury travel on a budget, unless I won the lottery. When I was in Asia recently, I read about the cheapest way to fly in First Class with Emirates, one of the best first class products in the world. And so I decided to give it a try!

What’s Included with Emirates First Class

Emirates First Class offers flyers a private suite, a shower spa, and top-notch dining, all at 33,000 feet! If you’re flying long haul, the experience will set you back thousands. In fact, the one-way price to fly first class in Emirates from Dubai to New York is a bit over $10,000. However, if you fly the same route that I did, a one-way ticket starts at around $615 USD.

Cheapest Emirates First Class Route

With a short flight duration of less than 3 hours, the cheapest Emirates First Class route is Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong (or Hong Kong to Bangkok). What’s included is pretty much everything you can expect on any first class Emirates route: from caviar and champagne to a full amenity kit. Expect to pay roughly $615 USD one way, or around $950 USD return. All flights are billed in local currency, in my case out of Bangkok, the bill was in Thai Baht.

Should you book one way or return?

It suited my journey to book one way and to fly to Osaka with another airline from Hong Kong. However, many people enjoy the return flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong (and back) in the same day. Honestly, I’d find that repetitive, but if you’re staying long-term in Bangkok, then it could be a cool way to experience everything. Remember the baggage allowance is lower in economy 🙂 The return flight starts at around $950USD, less if you fly back in a lower class.

Practical Booking Tips

Some people fly out in first class and back in economy class to keep the price as low as possible. To do this, you’ll need to book an ‘open jaw’ ticket on Emirates’ website. If you’re booking from Thailand, remember you’ll be paying in Thai Baht, so it’s worth using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

Will Emirates First Class always be cheap out of Bangkok?

It’s hard to say if the prices will always be so cheap. I didn’t want to take the risk, so I booked it when I was staying in Thailand anyway. This route runs from Dubai – Bangkok – Hong Kong. My bet is that the majority of full-price first class passengers are disembarking in Bangkok and the cabin tends to be undersold on the last leg to Hong Kong.

How does Emirates keep this First Class ticket cheap?

In general, Emirates does not *freely* offer all the same amenities that you might expect on a long haul first class flight. As this route is less than 3 hours, and may be much shorter, there’s not time for everyone to enjoy the shower. The crew is unlikely to encourage you to have your bed set up, if you’ll be enjoying the food and beverage service. Plus, you will not be offered Emirates pyjamas or an amenity kit unless you ask nicely.

Is the cheap Emirates First Class ticket worth it?

Having seen so many videos and read so many articles about Emirates First Class, of course I wanted to try it for myself. I don’t think this product is perfect, or that everything included in a $600 USD fare is of the highest quality, not by a long stretch. However, I wanted to try out that private suite, the caviar and champagne, and get to experience the renowned Emirates service from the cabin crew. For those reasons, this is well worth it, for the price of a domestic first class flight within the US, or a European business class ticket which is little better than premium economy. So yes, if you are in the region, and have the extra cash, the Emirates first class experience is one worth having!

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