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The exterior of the Causeway Lounge at Belfast Airport
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When I lived in Northern Ireland, lots of trips started at Belfast International Airport’s main lounge, the Causeway Lounge!

Executive Lounge

Belfast International Airport
Located between Gates 16-17

Friendly Welcome

Work tables

Limited selection

Causeway Lounge – Location & Access

The Causeway Lounge is situated airside between gates 16 and 17 and is clearly signposted. If you’re having trouble, turn left at Starbucks and walk up the ramp until you see an opening on the right. The lounge is right there.

There are a number of ways to gain access. This is a small lounge and it’s nice to get away from the airport when it’s busy and you have some time to kill. However, I would not pay £30 for access, and would only enter with a Priority Pass or Dragon Pass.

Pre-book (typically £30 per adult, £15 per child)
Pay on arrival (if there’s room)
Priority Pass
Dragon Pass
The Causeway Lounge sign outside the lounge itself

Drinks & Snacks

The staff at the Causeway Lounge at Belfast International Airport were friendly and reminded me (at 9am) that only three alcoholic beverages would be served per customer.   The check-in clerk was more than a little surprised at MY surprise when I questioned that anyone would drink so early! Clearly some people do! Whatever gets your holiday started with a bang, I suppose.

The front door of the Causeway Lounge

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The Giants Causeway Connection

The lounge is not big by international standards, but the layout is a sensible mix of low, comfortable seats and small tables with dining chairs. In very broad terms, the lounge is laid out to resemble the hexagonal shape of the stones at the Giant’s Causeway.

A leather two-seater sofa inside the Causeway Lounge in Belfast Airport

The lounge can get busy from mid-afternoon and some pay on arrival guests or Pass users may not get access.

Causeway Lounge at Belfast International Airport: Food Options

Snacks and drinks are available from the long counter that runs along one side of the lounge. Options vary throughout the day, but for breakfast may include self-service porridge pots, fresh fruit and hot bacon brioche rolls with brown or red sauce. The bacon rolls are very popular as are the local speciality of Tayto crisps!

The layout of the Causeway Lounge

Overall Impression: Causeway Lounge

Politeness and friendliness are part of the welcome you’ll receive at the Causeway Lounge. This is a very small lounge with limited facilities. However, you will find something small to eat and a wide range of drinks. Frankly, I would not pay £30 to get in, but would happily use up a Priority Pass coupon. Overall, a good basic lounge that rarely gets overcrowded.

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