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This section has tons of travel tips: how to deal with problematic arrivals, immigration, passports and visa, as well as helpful ground transportation tips.

An Irish castle called Dunguaire is shown in the background of Galway Bay

10+ Reasons You Should Visit Ireland in 2024

If you’re mapping out your 2024 summer vacation, consider adding Ireland to your maybe list. You might know that Ireland is known for green landscapes, a wild coastline, a long and varied history, and its ...


Do Hotels in Ireland have Air Conditioning?

When it comes to the question of whether Irish hotels have air conditioning, the answer might surprise many travellers. Unlike warmer destinations where air conditioning is standard, Ireland’s temperate climate has made this amenity largely ...

Boxes from Amazon shown with a Spanish and Portuguese flags overlaying the image

How to Use Amazon Spain in English

If you’re here, you might be asking “can I order from Amazon in Spain?” Yes, you can! If you’re an English-speaking expat in Spain, simply staying for a while, or living in neighbouring Portugal, ...


Top 7 Types of Accommodation in Ireland

Ireland has a plethora of accommodation options in both lush rural and historic urban locations that should suit your needs and budgets. Get to know the difference between the following types: hotels, bed and breakfasts ...


11 Top Pros & Cons of Global Entry

What is the #1 travel hell for regular flyers? It’s got to be long wait times at airport security and customs. If you’re like me, it’s the one thing which makes regular travel a bit ...

A pile of suitcases to represent a packing list for Ireland

The Complete Packing List for Ireland

It’s a good idea to get prepared for any upcoming trip you’re planning to Ireland. Whether you’ll base yourself in Dublin, explore the Wild Atlantic Way, or join the craic (fun) at a traditional Irish ...


Fly on Christmas Day? Why you should (or shouldn’t) do it

Flying on Christmas Day is like the aviation world’s secret society. Few take part in the ritual, but those who do often swear by the perks. I have done it once for work, and I ...


22 Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel over Christmas

Does Christmas bring to mind wintry weather, spiced cookies, or the problem of congested airports?! If you’re considering flying somewhere over the festive period, the lead-up to your flight can be fraught with stresses. As ...


Flying to Europe for Christmas 2023

Getting away for Christmas has become really popular, particularly since the end of the pandemic. Our motivations can differ: letting someone else do the cooking, escaping commercialism, or simply using the time off to explore ...


When to Book Budget Holiday Flights (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year)

The holiday season is approaching faster than you can pack away your summer gear. You might feel pressure to arrange flights when you hear other people planning their trips to visit family and friends. However, ...


European Union Ban on Cabin Baggage Fees? What it might mean for you & airlines

Summary Lack of Uniformity in Air Travel Rules Over the last decade, the protocols on what you can and can’t take as hand luggage have diverged between airlines. With the European Union’s ongoing ‘fight’ for ...


Australia-UK Working Visa Regulations (July 2023)

The UK and Australia have changed the restrictions around their Working Holiday Visas available to young people from each country. The Visa changes could affect a big group of people who want to travel and ...


New UK ETA Visa: tourist impact

When will the UK introduce the ETA? The UK is amending its visa and travel regime to introduce an ETA – electronic travel authorisation – which will start to take effect in November of 2023. ...

A person holding an Australian flag looking out over an ocean at sunset

Qantas Explorer Itinerary & Pricing

Some readers were curious to know how I put together my Qantas Explorer Itinerary for Australia and how the costs work out. If you haven’t read my general guide to Qantas Explorer yet, it’s worth ...


Explore Australia & NZ with Qantas Explorer

What is Qantas Explorer? Qantas Explorer is a special type of multi-city airline ticket that allows international travelers to explore over 100 destinations in Australia and New Zealand. This gives tourists the chance to craft ...


Top 5 Places to Stopover en route to Australia or NZ in 2023

Stopovers en route to Australia: Are you planning to fly from Europe to Australia or New Zealand? This advice will help you no matter where you’re starting from, be it London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Which ...

Qantas QF10 at Perth Airport Western Australia - Photo copyright of Patrick Hughes 2019

Best way to fly to Australia from UK or Ireland

What is the best way to fly to Australia from the UK or Ireland? Here’s the short answer: you can fly direct to the West coast, or do a ‘touchdown’ stopover to just get there, ...


Flight Shame: should I stop flying?

This blog is a transcript of this video about Flight Shame: I follow a lot of people online who make flight reports or write travel blogs and I’ve never seen so many people wondering if ...