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I found Big Mouth Johannesburg quite by accident. On a random Friday night in Sandton, the upscale suburb of Johannesburg, I got the urge for some sushi while shopping a little in Nelson Mandela Square. Right at the main entrance is ‘The Big Mouth’ and it ranks about number 1 or 2 on Tripadvisor for the area. Sounded like an ideal dinner option!

Big Mouth Sushi

Shops 13-14, Nelson Mandela Square, Cnr Maude & 5th Streets, Johannesburg

Delicious food, good menu

Service can be a little slow

Open 10-3, 6-10 every day (no dinner service Mondays)


Ambiance & Service: Big Mouth Johannesburg

First off, it’s hard to work out who is in charge and where the host/hostess is situated as the restaurant is open to the front.  When I tracked someone down, I chose to sit at the sushi bar so I could see what was going on – there were other solo travellers and some couples at the bar too and the atmosphere was rocking!

Branded cutlery at Big Mouth Johannesburg

Everything is branded and ALL of the staff speak in the same way (effective training?) – please come back, we know you’ll love it, here is my preferred sushi choice. I’m always concerned about recommendations… do people find it reassuring?

The Big Mouth Johannesburg sign

The Big Mouth Johannesburg Menu

The menu was last updated in December 2023.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Food & Drink: Big Mouth Johannesburg

I decided to go with a local beer – Windhoek Lager – and it was pretty light and refreshing, perfect for a warm South African evening.

Windhoek Lager

I had a BIT of a wait for food (nothing terrible) but the first beer was long dead before there was a whisper of food.

Sushi chefs hard at work at Big Mouth Johannesburg

I was encouraged to order more than just a regular California roll so I included two ‘skewer’ starters – a chicken with spiced mayo version and a fillet beef with teriyaki.  Given the price and the description, I expected these to be much smaller than they were.  However, the chicken was pretty dry.

Chicken skewer with lime at Big Mouth Johannesburg

In contrast, the beef was a winner! There’s little I like better than the rich umami flavour of beef brushed with teriyaki on the robata grill.

Beef skewer at Big Mouth Johannesburg

The star attraction really is the sushi.  I chose a ‘Rainbow Reloaded’ Roll which had salmon and avocado in the centre wrapped in nori and nicely vinegared rice, with salmon and tuna on the outside.  It was topped with a spicy sauce and caviar and was on a bed of tempura crumbs.  The added crunch was delicious!

Sushi Roll at Big Mouth Johannesburg

That was a lot of food so there was no room for dessert and I was in a mad dash to make it to the shuttle back to the hotel.   However, when the bill came, so did some delicious toffee popcorn. How is a guy to say ‘no’?!

Complimentary sweet popcorn at Big Mouth Johannesburg

Summary: Big Mouth Johannesburg

The slow and disorganised service really detracts from what is otherwise a solid product. The staff ARE very friendly and care about their product, so this is a matter of tweaks.

Big Mouth Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find The Big Mouth Johannesburg Menu?

A full-size version of the menu is on this page. Small versions are below. You can also find the latest Big Mouth Menu by clicking here.

Does The Big Mouth Johannesburg serve seafood?

Yes, The Big Mouth menu is based heavily on seafood options. It has all kinds of sushi from classic nigiri, sushi hand-rolls, nigiri, dragon rolls and sashimi. The Big Mouth also offers poke bowls and cooked seafood options from salmon yakitori to seared tuna, barramundi and kingklip.

Does The Big Mouth Johannesburg serve meat options?

While The Big Mouth Johannesburg offers a lot of seafood, you have options if you don’t like fish or shellfish. Choose an appetiser like beef or chicken skewers, tacos, burgers or grilled meats like steak or ribs.

Does The Big Mouth Johannesburg offer vegetarian or vegan options?

There are some options for vegetarians or vegans at The Big Mouth Johannesburg, but not a lot. For vegetarians, the Green, Greek or Halloumi Salad could work and all contain cheese, along with spinach gyoza. For vegans, a simple green salad, hummus plate, olives, edamame or tomato ragu linguine could work. There’s lots of sides like sweet potato and charred cauliflower, but check that butter or cream is not used on your order (for vegans).

Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg

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