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When I travel, sometimes I need to have access to a quiet workspace or decent wifi, and I’ve found that libraries can provide a place to work or research. This library is in Providencia, a district in Santiago, Chile.

Sometimes a hotel room offers everything you need to keep remote working going. But sometimes, I need to get away from the distractions in a hotel like repacking my bag or allowing housekeeping access to the room. Heaven knows I don’t need any more distractions! In South America, I’d already tried out the Teacher’s Library, Buenos Aires so I explored the options in Providencia, Santiago.

Library Options in Santiago, Chile

There’s a number of libraries in central Santiago, not least the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library). If you’re interested, it’s included on this inexpensive private Santiago city tour. I’d been feeling a bit poorly and sought out something closer to my hotel in the district of Providencia. It turned out there was a community library just 3 blocks from my hotel (Ibis Providencia).

Biblioteca Municipal de Providencia

Here it was, the Biblioteca Municipal (or Municipal Library), right on the main street in Providencia.


Inside there were two floors, a reading room with soft seats for those who wished to read the papers or periodicals, and a study space on the second floor, which had shared tables. I enjoyed working in the hushed kind of community space and went back repeatedly.

Unfortunately, there were only two socket points for laptops, which were usually occupied, but with a decent battery on one of my travel work essentials, a MacBook Pro, I got everything done that I needed.

Insider Tips

In the week I stayed in Providencia, the library was shut 3 times.  Once for the Census Day, and both other times it was unclear why (as a tourist) – there was just a sign on the door. On one such day, the security guard and a local guy pointed me towards a small library within the Town Hall next door, called Biblioteca Sernatur. The air conditioning is strong! You’ll need a sweater or light jacket.

The facilities in municipal libraries in Santiago are free to everyone, including access to wifi, which is a great resource that I was grateful to use!

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