Air Travel

My journey as a travel writer and film maker started with Air Travel. I started the Planet Patrick YouTube channel to share flight reviews. For me, the journey frames the travel experience and that, mostly, has been with a flight.

Air Travel: Planning & Value

The best place to start with Air Travel is in planning preparation and getting the best value for your buck, no matter what class you are booking. Start with these tips and tricks.


Flight Reviews

Planet Patrick Flight Reviews are some of the hottest pages on this site.


Is it worth paying the extra for the upgrade to Business Class? Check out my Ultimate Guides to Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Norse Atlantic, LOT Polish Airlines and many more!


Economy might not be quite as glamorous, but not every flight needs to be full price, particularly for shorter hops within Europe or domestically. Economy doesn’t have to mean no comfort.

All Things Airport


Solo travelers spend way more time in airports than we might like. So what’s the key to getting the most out of the experience? Research and preparation.

I like to know about the lounges on offer, how best to transit or transfer, when necessary, and what my ground transportation options look like. Planet Patrick covers some of the top airports in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada with more coming on stream.

Transit & Transfer


When is it worth paying the extra for Airport Services? Check out Lounge Reviews now.

Air Travel: Opinion Articles