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After my attempts to make connections at one of the Buenos Aires universities, I tracked down the lovely National Library of Teachers or Biblioteca Nacional de Maestros in Buenos Aires.  With my shoddy Spanish, and a few words from the security guard at the entrance, I was issued with a lock and key for a locker at the main door for my bag, though I could take in my computer and any books as long as I had a slip or chit written out with the serial number on it.


Duly permitted entrance, I was allowed to use the Sala de Lectura or reading room.  This really was a lovely space.  Like much of Argentinian public buildings, it’s nicely kept but a little worn around the edges.  The leather chairs had seen better days, but they were still comfortable and I was very glad to be able to use the space to study.


This guy kept catching my eye.  Although he had only one himself!


The bathroom was functional and well, you can see for yourself!


I was delighted to be able to use this place and for how friendly everyone on the staff was here – the nicest that I had the pleasure to come across in Argentina!

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