Review: 51st & Green Lounge, Dublin Airport DUB

51st & Green Lounge at Dublin Airport is situated airside after US Pre-clearance. It is open to business class passengers, people who have pre-booked and walk-up passengers.
Business Class Passengers
Pre-book from €41
Pay at desk from €44

After a long period of closure during the pandemic, the lounge is fully open and accepting guests. I visited on my last trip to Los Angeles with Aer Lingus, and my business class ticket got me access to the lounge.

51st & Green: What’s in a name?

This lounge is available only to passengers travelling to the United States after US Customs & Immigration pre-clearance. As I understand it, the name is a play on the cross-street system used in the US (and this sounds like a New York cross-street). Someone might say to a taxi driver, “take me to 51st and Park Avenue”. So 51st & Green is a destination.

51st – refers to the 51st State of the USA – which is how some people describe Ireland.
Green – refers to Stephens Green – the beautiful park at the heart of Dublin south city centre
Sign showing the logo for 51st & Green Lounge at Dublin Airport

51st & Green Lounge: Facilities

The 51st & Green Lounge sits at the higher end of lounges at Dublin Airport and has a good range of facilities.

Lounge-only bathrooms
Extensive food offering
Alcoholic & soft beverages (restrictions apply)

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Layout & Seating

The central atrium anchors the lounge in a bright room flanked by huge windows. There is a variety of seats to suit families or solo travellers, including people who want to work on their laptops (with adequate wi-fi and power sockets). If you are hungry or thirsty, the lounge offers snacks and drinks. There are lots of lounge seats and standard tables.

Central Atrium at 51st & Green Lounge

These cocoon chairs are perfect for a solo traveller like me to enjoy a wee glass of vino.

Patrick Hughes enjoying a glass of wine at 51st & Green Lounge

The position of the lounge right at the end of the US gates gives a sense that you’re ready to board as you watch the planes taxi past.

An Aer Lingus plane taxies to the runway seen from 51st & Green Lounge

Food & Drink

Food service at 51st & Green Lounge has been a little hit and miss in the past. On this last visit, everything was good: a well-stocked buffet with mainly cold but a few warm options and attention to both carnivores and vegetarians in the salad choices.

The buffet area at 51st & Green Lounge

There was heaps of smoked salmon, pastrami and salads. That quinoa and roast butternut squash salad was perfectly seasoned and delicious.

Salads and deli meats on offer at 51st & Green Lounge

Those with a sweet tooth are well catered for. Nothing here tickled my fancy, so I saved my calorie intake for something else!

Desserts at 51st & Green Lounge

Those are very nice mini buns stuffed with ham hock and a little cranberry stuffing. So good! The lounge also offers bags of Cheese & Onion Tattoo crisps (chips). You’ve got to have those!

Patrick's food selection at 51st & Green Lounge including pastrami and salads
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Alcohol & Soft Drinks

The 51st & Green Lounge does have restrictions: there is a 2 hour maximum stay and a 2 drink maximum. I’m uncertain how either policy is enforced, other than I guess that guests can’t go up and ask for a bunch of drinks for themselves alone at a time. The majority of passengers travelling on a US flight arrive at Dublin Airport 3 hours ahead to check luggage and start the slow process through security/pre-clearance, so 2 hours max stay is likely to tie in with their timetable for the day.

The barista hard at work at 51st & Green Lounge

It really is worth knowing that the 51st & Green Lounge also has an excellent coffee/barista service and it’s not all about the wine or gin! I found the cappuccino that I had to be as good as any city centre cafe!

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Overall Impression

This is a good lounge based on an international comparison and one of the best at Dublin Airport. There are clean restrooms and showers for those on the run. There is good food if you missed your last meal and can’t wait for your mid-flight snack. Some guests will care that there is no champagne (or alternative) but the wine selection is okay for a business-class / pay lounge. You should weigh up if the €45 pay at door fee is worth it for what you get – but when it’s included in your ticket, it’s a must-do.

Before long, you’ll be on your way and it’s nice to have a stress-free way to start your holiday!

A business class seat on board an Aer Lingus flight to Los Angeles